Monday, January 19, 2015

January IHSW Results

Sorry this is going up a bit late, it ended up NOT being a good weekend but not for the usual reason. I stitched pretty well Friday night and Saturday, working on Alice and the B's. Friday night got me here:

And by Saturday night I had a couple of leaves done and finished at 32.7 hrs. The camera I usually use wasn't getting the green leaves (my old Sony TX66, it's easier because it's smaller), they just all blended together because it was so dark, so I decided to get out my good camera. Problem was, I couldn't find my little case with all my memory cards in it. I searched high and low until about 4 am, but still couldn't find it. In the end, I had to use the old one and just really brightened the pic up post-production (but they are still really hard to see, sorry):

Sunday, the day I was supposed to dedicate to Maleficent, was a day of stitching for 20 minutes, then searching for my memory cards for an hour. This went on all day long. I did get her up to 28.73 hrs, but not a lot of progress. She went from here:

To here:
So no finish on the navy yet. I so wanted to move on to the next color on her.

I can't for the life of me figure out what happened to those blasted cards! Luckily, I had a card in the camera I always use to take pictures, but it's a micro and my big camera uses full ones (although I could just use an adapter and still use the same card, but that's not the point). Sure, I can buy more memory cards, but it's just adding to the Post-Disney Depression. I have all my original pictures from my last trip saved in five different locations, but it has always been a pre-trip ritual to delete the last trip's pictures and reformat the cards right before I leave on the next trip. I won't be able to do that next time. And I did have quite a large collection of them as well. Granted, it won't take a lot of money to replace them now, but most of them were bought when the prices were high. That sucks. I'm still hoping they magically turn up, but considering I went through each possible location about ten times and every non-probable location at least once, I'm not counting my chickens. I rarely lose things, but apparently, when I lose them, they are really lost!!!


Tiffany Pincombe said...

Good progress on both, and I can see where the leaves are in your second shot. That really stinks about the memory cards. I hope they magically turn up, maybe in time for the next Disney trip.

Joysze said...

Oh vey!!! I hope you find those memory cards soon! Maybe you put them in a "safe" location. *fingers crossed*

Stitching looks great, as usual... and I have so much catching up to do on your blog! :D

Deb said...

Hope you fins them soon.
Very pretty stitching!

Linda said...

It will show up when your not looking for it Keiley. Great progress on both of them.


CJ said...

Terrific progress this weekend. Hope you find your memory cards soon.


Vickie said...

Love your stitching!!! You will find your memory cards before you know it!

Bea said...

Good progress on both pieces. I really hope you have one of those AHA moments and find your cards - that sucks!

Miamina said...

It happens to me all the time. Chances are you'll find them when you are looking for something else! They will be around somewhere.

You did make some good progress and you can definitely see the difference. Well done.

Novia said...

Great progress. I hope you will get lucky with the memory card.

Marcy said...

I hate it when I do that ... put something somewhere that I won't forget ... and then I forget. I'm sure they'll turn up someplace. You made good progress with your stitching.