Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Day 2 highlights-Part 2 MNSSHP

Continuing on, since Port Orleans took up so much of the last post, let's jump in right at the Magic Kingdom. I do have to say, although the expanded bus stop means a heck of a lot more walking, it was very nice:
it made it hard to take pictures because of the narrow walkways and the cattle herding but I still managed a couple of non-populated entrance shots:
but not a lot:
The first of many walls was readily apparent before I even hit the end of Main Street USA:
and even though Disney does a great job making the walls nice, of course stroller parking takes over everything:
but I was on a mission that led me to Adventureland:
it was supper time and although Earl of Sandwich is my absolute favorite counter service restaurant, there is a counter service meal I prefer to all others...a taco salad from Pecos Bill's (which is one of my favorite Disney short cartoons).
I've always been in such a hurry to get my salad, I never noticed there were "relics" around the restaurant. Luckily I am a fan of Lou Mongello and a regular listener to his podcasts, so when he did a podcast on Peco Bill's, I was definitely all ears and I couldn't wait to really look around for the first time.
Granted, a lot of the pictures didn't turn out well, but one of the Cast Members (Disney's name for their employees) noticed me and pointed out some really interesting areas, including a light that throws off a Hidden Mickey:
Some of "artifacts" belonged to the other Disney Legends like Paul Bunyon:
and Johnny Appleseed:
But the place was abnormally overcrowded. Once we did finally get our food, it took forever to find a seat and we ended up in the very back section with an "interesting" view:
Surely he felt the air conditioning on his ass crack, right? Oh well, that one is definitely going in my "Oh no they diddint" file!

After learning last trip that the zoom on my camera really did do a good job, I tested it out at Country Bears with great results:
Dusk at Disney is always one of my favorite times because it's not too dark to see things, but dark enough that the lights gleam:
And it makes for amazing Haunted Mansion cemetery shots, human:
and animal:
but the exterior of the Mansion is one of my favorite places:
the rain may have kept me from taking a lot of pictures, but the clouds did make for some interesting backdrops:
and for all the bad luck we had, I managed to get a shot of the clock going off at It's A Small World for the first time ever:
The way that the lights reflected off the rain-covered ground, I quickly started appreciating the rain in a whole new way...from a photography point of view:
The rain also made it possible for me to ride the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train with only a little wait time:
But it had been a long wet day and it was time to leave.
Day 3 and a move to Animal Kingdom Lodge is up next!


Vickie said...

What kind of Camera do you have??? I want one!!!! Those shots are amazing!!!

Tiffany Pincombe said...

Wow! More excellent photos and very nice choice on the rain drenched pavement shots.