Monday, December 29, 2014

The Angel from Hades

My plan was to have Angel in Lilac finished before the New Year so that I can start on Maleficent and my rotation idea (which has morphed, but more on that later). I stitched non-stop all weekend long, living constantly in confetti hell, switching colors more often than I took breaths, and although I did make progress, I'm not sure I've made enough to get me to the finish line by the end of the week. I started last week here:


and ended here last night:

I know it doesn't look like there is much left, but trust me, working non-stop every non-working, waking hour between now and Friday still might not get me done. There is even more confetti to come in her wings and since they are so similar in tone, I'm more worried about them than the entire project (which is why I've saved them to last). Each one of the designs on her dress (I call them sea horses, not sure what they are), have about 40 colors each. Granted, it's why all the browns and yellows look gold, but dad-gum! Absolutely crazy! Give me a full project any day!

But, if by some miracle I do actually finish Angel before Thursday, that will mean I will have five finishes this year and that might be the most ever! The two HAED's, Angel (not pictured yet) and Pea:

A project for a friend:

A CloudsFactory project I did as a test for the A to Z Challenge to see how long the characters took to stitch up (which I still haven't framed):

and the actual Challenge stitch itself:

I WANT to start Maleficent on Friday. I've already got her kitted up, the material is on the scroll rods and I've even graphed out the first row. I've even taken most of the day off in anticipation of her start. It is eating me alive that I'm stuck in Angel-land. My eyes were constantly wandering longingly over to Maleficent all weekend. I may not be able to finish her and Alice and the B's, but one of them will probably be finished before the end of the year. And, if by some miracle I do manage to finish A Summer Ball and 35th Anniversary Celebration, well that will be three huge projects over and done with. Rainy Wedding should be a no-brainer finish, and Tartan B will get it's attention as well. Add to that a new Challenge stitch (if I decide to go that route), and I'm already on track to beat 2014's total.

Which brings me to the rotation idea o'mine. The idea of five projects on a Monday through Friday rotation sounded good at first, but the more I think about it, the more my Asper, one-tracked brain is rebelling. I think that is too much change in a week for me, so I've decided to modify the plan a bit. Maleficent will still be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday's child and Rainy Wedding will still be Thursday's Needle Club project (providing we can get through all these Thursday holidays), but I think that Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday might be better spent as dedicated to one project, although I will be rotating them from week to week. Next Mon-Wed will probably be spent working on A Summer Ball and then the next week I'll switch to Alice and the B's, etc. We'll see if that works out better. I may wait until I finish A Summer Ball to finish 35th Anniversary since I can't stand either one of them and working on two "hated" projects week to week might just lead me back down solo project road. A Summer Ball could easily be finished in a month or two if I could focus on it. If I find that it's not too terrible, I may just stick with it until it's finished and then start the beginning week rotation to plan. All things considered, I know for sure that I'd be much better off taking baby steps with the whole rotation issue, at least for January, and see how it goes, versus diving head first only to end up with more straggled projects lying around.

Then there is the whole Disneyland planning issue. I know how obsessive I get with Disney World planning, all things, projects, and life stops around me and I become a trip planning machine. How horrible will I end up being over a place that I have never been to before? So much to learn and to organize. Here's hoping that my stitching doesn't take the 6 month sabbatical that it did last year!


Linda said...

Amazing progress on Angel Keiley. Congrats on all the great finishes for the year. I'm not good at all with rotations. Good luck with them. Where are you planning a trip to?


Stitching Angel said...

Lots of great stitching in 2014. I'm lucky if I stitch just 1 HEAD in a year so well done with your angel. Happy new year

Vickie said...

OMG! Where did you get that Disney Alphabet chart?? I must have it!!!

Your rotation sounds like a good idea...I agree a different project a day would drive me nuts!

Can't wait to see Summer Ball finished!!