Saturday, October 11, 2014

Zachary Binx

Today is a very important day because my oldest baby boy turned 14 years old (in human years, not puppy) and he deserves his props! It seems like only yesterday he came into our house as a baby:
crotch shot

And even if his face is older, he's still my baby boy:

Although baby Bammers thinks it's hilarious his brother is an old codger!

But they still love each other (even if they only show it when they think I'm not looking):
Happy Puppy-Birthday Zachariah, and here's to many more!!!

The Post-Disney Depression is really bad this time and Kate left to go back home to England today, so my mood hasn't been the best for blogging, but celebrating my babykins birth was enough to at least bring me out of funk-town enough to give him a shout out. I can't say when I'll feel like continuing the Disney Reviews (I can't even look at the pictures right now and all my new pins still live in the bag I brought them back in), but my stitching mojo is kicking into high gear, so I might have some progress to show tomorrow night...we'll see.

Have a safe trip home Kate and the boys are missing you already!

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Tiffany Pincombe said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful boy! My pup didn't make it to 14, so I'm happy Zachary did.

I hope stitching helps get you through the post-Disney blues. Definitely it would be even worse this time since you got to spend time with Kate and show her "your" Disney. I'll look forward to hearing about it when you're up to it and I'll look forward to seeing your stitching progress when you're up to posting.