Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Disney Reviews: Shopping Edition #3 - Trend-D

Another one of my favorite stores (I think all of them are my favorite, but this is a particular favorite), Trend-D is a fairly new addition to the Downtown Disney Marketplace area:
2013 (10)-0240

I'm bad about looking up and taking pictures:
2013 (12)-0108
2013 (12)-0110
2013 (12)-0111

so I have few pictures of the actual clothing and knick-knack displays:
2013 (12)-0112
2013 (10)-0227
(but I do have a couple)

If you like Disney couture, then this is the store for you! It is also one of the most expensive stores on property! Luckily, they rarely carry my old size in couture, unluckily, I am now able to wear smaller sizes and therefore pretty much have the pick of the store...Kate, you will have to reign me in when we get here!

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Linda said...

Lovely. What are those things hanging down in the second picture?