Monday, July 14, 2014

Disney Reviews Snack Edition #1 - LeFou's Brew

When most people think of Disney World snacks, usually Dole Whips or Mickey Ice Cream treats come to mind. I don't like Dole Whips and I prefer a Mickey's Ice Cream Sandwich to the actual shell covered ice cream on a stick (but that's a review for another day). New Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom is fairly new, so my #1 snack hasn't been #1 for very long. Gaston's Tavern is just a snack service in New Fantasyland, but it's magnificently themed, especially the dining room (said dining room where the demon child story from my Top 10 Bad Behaviors post happened). We were extremely lucky in 2012 to be able to tour New Fantasyland before it officially opened thanks to a passholder preview night that was a complete surprise (I literally had tears in my eyes the entire time). They allowed us to walk through Be Our Guest Restaurant in Beast's Castle, Ride Under the Sea, Journey of the Little Mermaid, and, of course, eat at Gaston's Tavern.
Here it is from the outside on that very day:
Here is the amazing Gaston and LeFou water statue in front:
When you walk inside, you are immediately at the order counter,
2013 (10)-0990
but there are two dining rooms on either side, the one to the left is bland but quiet
2013 (12)-1419

and the one on the right is the Gaston room that has most of his "kills" and his massive chair (aka, demon central). The level of detail is very similar to that of this tavern in the movie and there are antlers EVERYWHERE!
if you look closely at the lower left-hand corner, you'll see one of the demon children just running out of frame - I tried hard to keep them out of my shots, but it wasn't always possible:
2013 (10)-1476
2013 (10)-1475

The actual drink comes in either a choice of one of two decorator cups (which costs over twice as much):

Or just a plain cup:
2013 (12)-1420

2013 (10)-1477

Once I had both decorator cups, I started just saving money and getting the cheaper plain cup. The decorator cups are just plastic anyway. You get the choice of either a Princess goblet (see above) or a mug design with a sticker of Gaston on it (and I'm not sure why I don't have a picture of my drink in that one).

But now that the pictures are out of the way, let's discuss the actual drink! It's a frozen apple juice mixed with marshmallow flavor and topped with a Mango-Passion Fruit foam. By it's description alone, I probably wouldn't get it because I don't care for apple juice or marshmallow, but combined, they make for an amazing pop! I originally thought the foam was the marshmallow, but it's got such a strong flavor on its own, I knew that couldn't be the case (and it's not).

The first one I ever had, I thought, "This must be what the Olympians called nectar!" (yes, it's that good!). So good in fact, silly me thought it would be a good idea to get a second one...NEVER DO THAT! As good as they are, they are deceptively sweet to the point that you are near nausea when you actually finish one (your brain is just in such bliss, you don't know it), but by the second one, your stomach and sugar levels just can't take it and you crash big time. It's probably the sickest I've ever been in Disney World, headache or not, and I usually have at least one spell a trip over something I've eaten or drank. If you feel you need a second one, wait at least an hour in between helpings. I've also made the mistake of getting it with a pastry (see above), don't do that either.
You can get a pork shank instead of something sweet:
2013 (12)-1418
but it's extremely fatty and neither me or my sister cared for it.

If you go to Gaston's, stick to just LeFou's Brew (and only one) and you will not be disappointed!


Emma Louise Brown said...

I'm enjoying this series :) I will be at Disneyland in August.

Linda said...

Another great review. I am so enjoying all the pictures.