Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Diet Update-Week 1 Done

Yesterday was end of week one as well as my weekly doctor visit for my new diet. It really was a pretty easy week and I had very little trouble other than my typical exploding brain syndrome. Today my headache has subsided enough to realize that I think I'm starving to death!! Never thought I'd be better off with a headache than without! I will definitely be going to bed tonight with my stomach growling (not helped by the fact that my extra shake is now gone).

A lot of people have been asking me how I feel about eating the exact same thing every day, but for me, the structure is probably the easiest part. Lack of choices means I don't make the wrong choice. I did get new flavors for this week though. I went with the chocolate pudding instead of the vanilla, but it's kind of gross. There is only one other flavor, lemon, but I can guarantee I won't be touching that with a ten foot pole. Next week I'm going back to vanilla. The Cream of Chicken soup is more filling than the Cheddar Broccoli, but it's kind of weird, so I'm still on the fence about it. I also got a Pineapple-Apricot shake and it is AMAZING!! I love it!! No need to change that one ever!

On the exercise front, still no progress. Today's massively crappy work day had me cleaning the house like a monster instead of exercising. We'll have to see how the rest of the week goes. I don't want to be dropping too many pounds without some kind of muscle movement.

But without further ado, weight loss for this week...bear with...bear with...bear with...

8.5 pounds!!

Yea me!! I know it won't keep up at that pace, but it was a nice surprise. Physically I don't feel any different though. The last diet I lost inches with barely any pounds, now I'm losing pounds with no inches. Diets are stupid.

At this rate, I will be going to Disney World in December the thinnest I've ever been! My work Christmas party follows and that means a new dress! Maybe even a red one! SUCH FUN! (Can you tell I'm more than a bit excited about the third series of Miranda coming out on DVD next week?)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Disney: The Good (Part 5)

Finishing the countdown with the smallest post of them all, we are at #1....please be upstanding for...The Yachtsman Steakhouse inside Disney's Yacht Club Resort! (Leave it to me to make food #1).

New favorite alert!!! LOVED the atmosphere, the food, and even the wait staff at this place! It definitely makes the top three (and right now sits at the very top...Artist Point and Le Cellier are really gonna have to impress in December to topple it).

2013 (10)-0740

2013 (10)-0746

(didn't get a lot of good "around me" pics because people kept staring):
2013 (10)-0747

mark this down in your calendars people...I actually ate the bread (typically hate bread)!
2013 (10)-0748

It came with roasted garlic and sea salt honey butter:
2013 (10)-0749

I got the White Truffle Mac & Cheese as an appetizer and it literally blows Le Cellier's Mac & Cheese out of the water!
2013 (10)-0750

My New York Strip with Brandy Peppercorn sauce (easily cut with a fork) and White Cheddar Twice Baked Potato (which didn't get eaten much since the mac filled me up pretty good):
2013 (10)-0751

Dessert (another rarity for me) was good and bad...the apple and pear sorbets infused with Fairy Tale Cuvee was to die for while the cantaloupe gagged me a bit (and the coconut cookie thingee ended up a casualty on a side plate...I'm allergic:
2013 (10)-0753

And that's it! All that was good during my solo Disney trip!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Disney: The Good (Part 4)

#2-The Camera

I wasn't planning on getting a new camera for this trip, but my mother put the bug in my head by saying, "You're not getting ANOTHER new camera this year, are you?", so I couldn't help myself! I ended up going with the Sony RX100m2. It is a point & shoot, but they don't get better than this little beauty! I debated long and hard over the mirrorless, but ended up deciding I wasn't photo-knowledgeable enough to handle a mirrorless (and I will never be able to afford a DSLR, and who would want to lug one of those around anyway).

Never once did I use the flash or a tripod and I still managed to consistently get good pics! I also never took it off of auto mode (so imagine the results I could have gotten had I learned how to use it BEFORE I went!). I also found myself taking tons of pics of flowers that I never noticed before. This is a very photo heavy post, so prepare yourself and, without further ado, the favorite pics of my Disney trip:

First clue...a decent dark shot from a moving vehicle!
2013 (10)-0003

I also took my old camera, and never once could I get it to see the lumps in the bed at the hotel in Ocala like the RX100m2:
2013 (10)-0080

Weird pic of the Yacht Club elevator floor, but I love that not only can you see the pattern in the marble, but the scratches and scuffs as well!
2013 (10)-0191

This store is so busy, it's really hard to get good shots in it, but I got's my fave:
2013 (10)-0227

I have tried for years to get a good one of this display and they NEVER turn out right! Yea me!
2013 (10)-0233

I was obsessed with flower shots for some reason:
2013 (10)-0193

2013 (10)-0383

One of the few that didn't auto to macro mode (and blur out the background):
2013 (10)-0266

This is extraordinarily true to life in color:
2013 (10)-0365

As is this one:
2013 (10)-0388

Love the fact that the sky is true to life! Of all the years I've gone to Disney, don't think I've ever managed to capture the blue sky like this:
2013 (10)-0407

Night shots without tripod? Yep...go me and most were taken while walking and dealing with Disney's glaring spot lights:
2013 (10)-0431

2013 (10)-0425

2013 (10)-0428

2013 (10)-0475

2013 (10)-0491

Another great blue sky:
2013 (10)-0515

As many times as I've ridden Living With The Land, I always manage to find something new...hidden Mickey anyone?
2013 (10)-0563

Finally! A Good Figment pic!
2013 (10)-0624

Looking back at the Magic Kingdom from the bridge to Adventureland:
2013 (10)-0772

Great Country Bear zoom:
2013 (10)-0791

Blood on the Saddle:
2013 (10)-0823

First ever decent Pirates & Splash pics:
2013 (10)-0854

2013 (10)-0884

And LOVE the Haunted Mansion at night!
2013 (10)-0921

2013 (10)-0936

2013 (10)-0963

Prince Eric's castle with Halloween lights:
2013 (10)-0999

Another great no-flash pic (and another first ever clear pic of this display):
2013 (10)-1069

Shameless plug of my favorite TV show (although bad view since Prince Charming is partially blocked:
2013 (10)-1191

A panoramic of Main Street U.S.A. in the Magic Kingdom:
2013 (10)-1284

Haunted Mansion cemetery:
2013 (10)-1365

And finally a good interior Haunted Mansion shot!:
2013 (10)-1368

BEST BATHROOM EVER (those who have seen the movie will get that)!
2013 (10)-1380

2013 (10)-1379

2013 (10)-1384

And finally, one of the few castle shots I managed to get (I just didn't go around it much):
2013 (10)-1525

And that's pretty much it for the best ones (although there are about 1600 more...a new record for a solo trip). I need to give honorable mention to the photos I can't show, my personal "Oh no they din-nit" collection...the photos of people wearing clothes they should in no way shape, form, or fashion wear in private, let alone public. I managed to double the size of the folder this year, so thanks to all the idiots out there with no sense of've supplied me with laughs and memories for years to come! There were numerous completely see-through lace tops this year on varying forms of sized and aged people (I don't want to see anyone's bra, let alone a big girl or worse, an elderly woman). See through pants...another new (and very scary) trend. If you're Cindy Crawford, sure, I could see it being worn (although I still wouldn't approve), but come on folks, you gotta know you have more back fat and extremely lumpy legs than should be allowed in tight, see-through clothing! Granted, I have more of the inner prude than most, but I also know my size and I would never show a naked body part other than my lower legs, arms, and head in public because I know the rest of me is not fit for the eyes of mere mortals (and then not even for those of the gods). How they can possibly think they look good, or worse, actually hot, is beyond me! But hey, if they didn't, I wouldn't have my collection, so there you go!

Next up, #5 and the best of the Disney best for this round!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Disney: The Good (Part 3)

Despite the horrors of it's guests, Disney's Yacht Club Resort was absolutely beautiful and, at least visually, was all it was cracked up to be and more, which is why it makes #3 in my countdown of the Good Disney Moments!

Yeah, I should have used those camera filters (that I just HAD to have) when I was taking pics outside:
2013 (10)-0143

2013 (10)-0146

The lobby was really pretty!
2013 (10)-0149

2013 (10)-0153

2013 (10)-0151

As was my room:
2013 (10)-0164

2013 (10)-0159

I'm always fascinated with how cool and resort specific Disney makes their desk lamps:
2013 (10)-0163

The gift shop was nice, but I was more than a bit disappointed over the lack of "Yacht Club" themed merchandise. I know that Disney dropped pretty much most of the resort-specific merchandise, but I guess I'm just used to Wilderness Lodge which is very resort-specific:
2013 (10)-0252

And, of course, the lagoon side:
2013 (10)-0195

2013 (10)-0205

Stormalong Bay (the pool...never use, but love to walk around)
2013 (10)-0255

2013 (10)-0257

(yes, the sunken ship is the pool's water slide):
2013 (10)-0263

The walk to Epcot and looking back to the Yacht Club:
2013 (10)-0268

2013 (10)-0265

The boat service was extremely slow, but enjoyable:
2013 (10)-1075

And, of course, the night pic:
2013 (10)-0493

And that's it for up is #2: The Camera (and really it was neck and neck with #1).