Monday, December 30, 2013

Froggin nightmare!

As much progress as I've made on The Princess and the Pea over the past week, I had a major incident that caused four (yes, I said FOUR) hours of frogging! I have a bruise on my thumb to prove it (thread goes in much easier than it comes out). There have been numerous times where I've picked up the wrong thread, but I have never actually forgotten to change a color with a symbol before, but that is exactly what I did on Saturday.

Here is my before the weekend progress:

I really should have taken a picture of all the thread I had to frog out, but you can still see the remnants of the carnage and here it is after the fun:

And I did manage to still get to here by the end of last night:

It really doesn't look like much on the picture, but it is 28ct Monaco, so you can only imagine the huge area it covered...probably approximately a third of a chart page. Oh well, all done and fixed now. That's the really good thing about HAED's...they move along extraordinarily quickly!


demeter83 said...

Looking lovely hun, for all the frogging that had to happen, it's still some pretty impressive progress!

Kate said...

Ugh frogs suck!! but yor project is gorgeous!

Kate N said...

im looking at that keebs and thinking that you got stacks done still! even with the frogging. I am going to stitch this year and its your job to remind me! I mean it - whinge, bitch, moan and stab me with needles till i do. lol
Have a great new year and spare a thought for me under going social torture!