Friday, September 27, 2013

September 27th

Today is my Birthday and I've been reminiscing a bit on my childhood. Since my sister reminded me of a man who was one of the most important figures of said childhood, I figured I'd make my Birthday post a tribute of all the musical artists I've swooned over in my days. Like them, I may not have aged well or be as thin as I once was (well, actually I've never been thin), but hopefully someone can look at me today as I do them and still see the hot 20 year old residing within!

First up, the specific man that Amber reminded me of, Mr. Robert Smith and my all time favorite song ever...Just Like Heaven:

Then, of course, what 80's New Wave chick could do without Dave Gahan and my second favorite song...But Not Tonight:

Finally, the cream of the crop, the end-all be-all, Mr. Perfect himself, Simon Le Bon and my all-time favorite Duran song...Serious:

But, of course, we all grow up and new influences come into our lives. For me it's two in particular...first-Darren Hayes and Crush (1980 Me) (and frankly, any man who uses Simon Le Bon's name in a song lyric, deserves to be worshipped):

Secondly, and the most dominant of all of the above even today, Take That and my beloved Markie with Shine (and the absolute best version IMO):

So Happy Birthday to me and lookout Disney World, I'm on my way (and playing Take That the entire drive!).


tiffstitch said...

Hope you have a wonderful, Happy Birthday!

Miamina said...

Happy Birthday!

I hope you have a great day and have an amazing time at Disney World!

Siobhan Fox said...

Happy birthday!!!! Hope you have a fantastic time xxx

Lauren - Ambitious Stitches said...

Happy happy birthday!! Have a safe trip and I hope you have a wonderful time at Disney.