Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Disney Necessities Part 4: Flip Flops

I don't think people realize how massive Disney World is and just how much walking a person does. Plus, I come from Amazon women (which I am not), so I have to walk fast just to keep up with them!

Yep, I'm also pooh-sized...which means footwear in Disney World is a very particular thing. I've spent years trying to find the "right" pair of tennis shoes, only to always end up with blisters, no matter how good the shoe. I have always made it home without any serious damage to my feet, but I usually can't walk for a couple of days once I'm home. It's always been extremely frustrating.

That is, until the miracle that is Teva Mush came into my life. Am has pretty much always worn flip flops or sandals in Disney (although I do remember the occasional tennis shoe day) with very little blister problems. She talked me into trying Teva's one year when I didn't think I could take another day of tennis shoes, and I don't think I've ever looked back! Granted, there is a "training" period you feet has to go through (which I found out the hard way after some very badly-placed blisters), but once your feet are adjusted, it's SO much better!

One trip to Disney will pretty much ruin a pair of Teva's though (remember, pooh-sized?) and they are very expensive only to live for one week, but it's a price I'm willing to pay for the relatively blister-free and less painful tootsies!

I do worry a lot about getting my toes stepped on since they are displayed for all the world to see (which also means a decent pedicure - which I hate getting done professionally...I don't like being touched and someone playing with my feet completely creeps me out). As of yet, my piggies have managed to not get flattened, but I do take preventative measures to keep it from happening (any excuse to stay away from others is always welcome).

They have changed the Mush's throughout the years and not really for the better, but this year they reintroduced the Teva Mush Original and I only wish I could have gotten more than one pair before they all went into backorder!

I can't imagine Disney with tennis shoes ever again!

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