Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Disney news!

Well, I've finally done it! I booked a room for Disney World in October so that I can renew my annual pass! I had the absolute worst time deciding where to stay or even if I should go at all, but the rates we got for December were based on my annual pass, so I have to renew it (although I could actually do that online). October is my favorite time to go and the thought of missing Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party or Epcot's Food & Wine Festival was just too much to bear. If I'm completely honest, it's probably more about their respective pin sets, but still, it's a tradition (geez, this honesty thing sucks, it's probably more of a compulsion with a side of obsession than an actual "tradition", but where pins are involved...who cares!).

It's a very short trip (only three nights) and I'm driving instead of flying, so spending money is absolutely nada (especially since every dime spent is taking money away from December, which will be a "real" trip). This will be a good test to see if I can actually go to Disney World and not spend the annual budget of a small country. For a poor person barely supporting herself and two pups, I sure can spend alot! Besides, I've finally gotten last year's trip paid off, I don't want to go through all that again. The less I spend on junk, the more often I can go (now that I have a reliable vehicle).

Since I'm only doing the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, location is definitely the key to getting the best out of my very short timeline. Wilderness Lodge is my absolute favorite, but we stayed there last October and are staying there this December. All the other Magic Kingdom resorts are WAY out of my price range (and I refuse to stay in The Indian Burial Ground Resort...there isn't enough money in the world). Luckily, Disney has some very good discounts right now and I got the resort I wanted (sort of) for the price of a moderate!

So my October home is....Disney's Yacht Club Resort! This was the best of our Disney pics that showed Yacht (it's the beige on the left-the blue on the right is the Beach Club):

Given the choice, I'd much rather stay at Disney's Beach Club Resort, but it was WAY higher, and The Yacht Club is just right next door (and fairly similar in build). I've always wanted to try one of the Epcot resorts and the ability to walk to Epcot and save myself a bus trip was just too good to pass up!

Another bonus to getting this decision made is that I now have a really good topic for a new blog series - Going To Disney World Solo: The Asper-Girl's View. Social issues may keep me from the local grocery store, but never Disney!

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