Sunday, March 3, 2013

It has begun!

I have started The Princess And The Pea! Funnily enough, I swear I started on this one with the same color I started my little Highland girl with. But without further ado, this weekend's work, starting with Saturday:

to tonight:

I also worked a bit on A Summer Ball, but I absolutely HATE working on it...HAED's have spoiled me forever! No fractionals, no back-stitching, just straight cross stitch. But I guess I should show where I made it on that as well (although it isn't much):

And that's it, another very short weekend has gone. No news on the puppy front either. Chalking that up to fate right now and just letting it be.

Just a short side note, for my inner Whovian...BBCA has been airing a special series on each Doctor for the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who (as well as tons of other specials). It seems as though they are airing one Doctor special a month, January was William Hartnell and February was Patrick Troughton. Which means, at this rate, it will be October before we get to my Doctor, David Tennant. But I couldn't wait, so I've started rewatching the series DVD's again. Plus, with the 7th series continuing at the end of March, I'm hoping it will make me like Matt Smith a bit more (and get me through series 6, which I still haven't watched in its entirety). But then again, watching David cry, "I don't want to go" might be too much for me to handle for a second time.

Which reminds me of another thorn on my side...of all the Doctor specials they have been airing, not one single show has made mention of the human Doctor and Rose. It could just be my love of David as the Doctor, but is the human Doctor not the perfect way that David and Billie could return to the show? Did the human Doctor change when the real Doctor regenerated? Are David's Doctor and Rose still happy together in their parallel universe? Do I have WAY too much time on my hands and an unfocused brain or what?

But as an exit to this post, the absolute best scenes of the Doctor and Rose, with a little help from my favorite band, Take That:


Tama said...

Oh, I like your new start! Great progress. Your Summer Ball is looking lovely, too!

Maureen said...

We are big doctor who fans in our house. I did love David Tennant but now think Matt Smith is just perfect for the role. Still struggle to watch the scene though where the doctor and Rose are separated without having a good cry lol!

Great stitching. Love your recent haed finish.

SoCal Debbie said...

What a great start on Princess & the Pea! Summer Ball is beautiful. Don't give up!

stitchstitchknit said...

What a beautiful new start =) And you already did a ot of work on it! =)

TammyK said...

Great new start :-)

Joysze said...

You soooooo made my day with the vid. I can't wait for the new season to start in a week.

I'm with ya though on wondering about the human Doctor and Rose. Do they have kids???? Hehehe.