Friday, March 22, 2013

Crazy Week!

I forgot how taking care of two puppies wears you out...but I wouldn't have it any other way! Little Bam ended up back at the vet's this week for his skin issues. It was a pretty quiet spring break week at work, which was good considering the home front hasn't been so quiet. First my all-region DVD player died (a devastating blow), then my plumbing went bonkers. Needless to say, not a lot of stitching got done this week in the Blair household. But what would life be without it's overly abundant and often painful hiccups?

Bam is doing a bit better today with his new food and meds. I replaced that crappy Philips player with a Sony (which just happens to have a hundred times cleaner picture with its composite connection than the HDMI of the Philips...god I love Sony!). The plumbing is temporary fixed until Monday. All and all, I'm looking forward to a nice, quiet, stitching weekend while watching the complete first series of Ripper Street!

So as I sit here finally able to watch the new Gary Barlow concert on DVD...a pup by my side and another asleep behind me, I'm inspired to post yet another Take That video. I won't burden you with yet another clip of Shine (at least this time, anyway), but rather Gary and James Corden (who I absolutely LOVE) singing Pray. James is surprisingly rather good actually! Enjoy your weekend and the video...hopefully I will have a stitch update come Sunday!


Kate N said...

Hellooo! Have a great weekend Keebs. When are we gonna chat? And to think I didnt even know you were a Take That fan...oh wait!...yes, yes did! lol Ripper Street is brilliant by the way, and look out for the actor from Misfits. He is rather brilliant. Episode 4 I think! x

Keebles said...

Apparently I haven't posted enough Mark Owen videos for ya!! Yes, Ripper Street was totally brilliant! Watched more than stitched!

Sherry Ellis said...

Having puppies is just like having kids!