Monday, January 28, 2013

Re-introduce Myself Blogfest

Today is the Re-introduce Myself Blogfest, a chance for new followers to discover the madness that is me!

I've told parts of my story a lot, so most of you aren't strangers to it. I started this blog after my withdraw from Facebook, as a way to still be social, but without having to read about the lives of people I went to high school with (who I didn't care about then, much less now). I wanted to share my stitching progress, brag about my pup, mercilessly plug Walt Disney World and pretty much all things Disney, as well as describe what it's like as an adult with Asperger's, OCD, and Social Anxiety Disorder. I think I've pretty much managed to beat all those topics into the ground with vigor, but that's what an Asper-girl does...I don't love much, but what I do love gets 200% of my heart and soul!

Not long after starting my blog, it was discovered I have a left temporal lobe meningioma (a benign brain tumor). I named the tumor after my two least favorite bosses and, upon occasion, you will see mention of Ferg-id and his evil plot to make my brain explode! I've been able to share my experiences with Ferg-id as well as my constant struggle with severe migraines (well, actually, I just whine a lot about not being able to stitch or blog because my head hurts or because I'm doped to the hilt).

I do participate in a couple of different blogging events, most of which are stitch related, but I'm very selective about the kinds of blogging events I join. I am, after all, a social-phobe, and every "public" event I join has consequences with my psyche. I'd like to say that blogging has helped me socially, but it really hasn't. I force social interaction because I know it's "good" for me, but it doesn't mean I have to like it. At least with blogging it's all about me versus Facebook which was all about everyone else. I have, however, made a couple of really good friends who I hope will stick with me long after my blogging career has ended!

I mainly post about stitching, but every once in a while I jump on my extremely high soapbox and mouth until I feel better. I wish I could say I regret a lot of my soapbox rants because I have been known to hurt the occasional friend, but that would be a lie (when the powers that be were giving out empathy and compassion, I must have either been in another line or on a plane to Disney). I have been known to do the occasional review or two about a favorite British television show or a band, but those are typically few and far between.

That's basically all there is to me and my blog! I'm extremely opinionated, offensive at times, self-absorbed, passionate to a fault, but immensely loyal and dedicated to the things that matter most to me as long as they are loyal back. I just realized...I'm a female Mr. Darcy (well, without the fortune, I'm as poor as a mouse). "My good opinion once lost is lost forever" pretty much sums me up in a nutshell!


Krystal Wade said...

Wow. I had to laugh a little about giving everything 200%. That's a good and bad thing, I guess. Nice to meet you, and I know quite a few fellow Disney lovers. I should send them your way!

S.P. Bowers said...

Nice to meet you. I'm sorry about Ferg-id, but your stitching is amazing!

Melody said...

Great to "meet" you! I'm a new follower to your blog and am enjoying it already. You're stitching is fantastic, too :)

Megan Bostic said...

Nice to meet you. Looks like you've been through a lot!

I love the font of your blog BTW. :)

Sus said...

Nice to meet you! Your dog is SO freakin' cute! :)

Also, love your stitching. You are so talented. Thanks for sharing!


Stephen Tremp said...

I'm not the most socially adept either, but I can fake it for a while.

ANd thanks for participating in the Re-Introduce Myself Blogfest!

Kate N said...

Well...what can I say? You are all those things and I have had the pleasure and good fortune to have become a friend.
But I must say that you have missed a few things, you are funny! You may rant but you have a sense of humour and it tries to sneak through your rants, you are kind, generous, honest, you are considerate of others a lot more than you give yourself credit for and regardless if how hard you fight it. You dont just love Disney, you are a walking encyclopeadia of knowledge, you are intelligent, ethical and do not judge others or discriminate against them.
My life has been vastly improved from having you as a friend and I feel like ive known you forever!
Unfortunately for you, you have me for life, you have to like it or lump it! :P

Miamina said...

I have to agree with a lot of the things Kate said, although I'm not lucky enough to be a friend! Your humour shines through and as another person who dips in and out of being social (as I find it very difficult) you do amazingly well.

Thank you for the re-introduction!

Keebles said...

Thanks everyone for your more than kind comments! It always freaks me a bit when people say nice things about me, especially when "nice" isn't a word I'd use to describe myself. Plus, I think this might have been the most comments I've ever received on one post!

Krystal, you are absolutely right, more times than not, focusing 200% on one thing gets me into more trouble than it helps (which is probably why I stay in trouble a lot).

S.P., you'd be surprised how many people actually have menigiomas (although mine is in a bad location) and don't even know it, but thanks, it's been an adventure (although not really a good one).

And S.P. and Melody, other than a lifetime of doing kits, my stitching is just now going advanced and it's been a challenge. I'm still learning and trying new techniques. I'd like to say I'm good, but that would just be my over-inflated ego talking!

Megan, the text is schoolbell and the titles are fontdiver swanky...hope that helps!

Sus, he's a devil in Shih-Tzu clothing, but he's my devil!

Stephen, that's exactly what it is for me, acting. I have to constantly think about what I'm saying and doing 24/7, especially at work. Thankfully, I don't have to worry about that blogging (which is why I'm grateful none of my co-workers know about my blog, might get into a bit of trouble!).

Katy, your biased and a saint, you've seen my good and bad and for some unknown reason still like me, god knows why!

Miamina, a mutual stitching admiration society we got going! I don't post a lot, but I really only post on people I like, so I think that makes you a bloggy friend!

Kate N said...

I may be biased and a saint (questionable) but I'm as honest as you are and I only speak the truth! You whingey old bat! :p lol

Keebles said... me pinned to a tee! Now, if I could just convince you to come down here and help me do really mean things to smelly, all would be right with the world!!

michelle said...

Nice to meet you via the blogfest.
Seems you've had your fair share of "drama" (for lack of a suitable one-word-fits-all)
... and I think you have a quirky sense of humor... (believe me, quirky is cute...)
Plus your stitching is ab fab!!

Michael Di Gesu said...

HI, Keebles,

Good to meet you. I enjoyed looking at your stitchery and your story.... You are quite talented and PATIENT... at least with your craft.

I also share a passion for crafting and DISNEY everything.

DL Hammons said...

My wife is a Disney Diva, so I might have her reading over my should from time to time. :)

Glad to re-meet you!