Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Ressies 2013

I didn't post a stitch update this weekend, but I'll do it tonight. I have pretty much been off-line the past few days. I've been off work and the more I stay home, the more withdrawn from society I become. It's a shame I can't be independently wealthy so I never have to leave my house or talk to another soul! Ah, the joys of Aspergers!

But as far as New Years Resolutions go, last year I made a half-hearted attempt at them so this year, I'm all in! I'm gonna limit myself to 5 and hopefully putting them down in writing will help me stick to them.

1. LOSE 50 MORE POUNDS - I've been a bit up and down since getting back from Disney, but I know it can be done if I put my mind to it. My top weight for my height and bone structure is 164, and 50 more lbs will put me about 16lbs overweight, which will be fine. I'm a big-boned girl and am not built to be skinny (nor would I want to be).

2. FINISH CURRENT STITCH PROJECTS - If I stay dedicated, I should be done with my little Highland girl in February and the Disney project and A Summer Ball shouldn't take long if I focus on them. I have a massive stash that I just have to get down to an acceptable level.

3. GET OUT MORE - This might be the hardest. I am not a social person, nor do I want to be. My mood suffers greatly when I don't have the very basic of socializations (as evidenced by this weekend) and I have to keep myself at an acceptable level for working purposes. I think the only way to re-train myself is to force the issue of going out, the far extreme of social interaction (at least for me), to make the little socials not seem so bad.

4. GET OUT OF DEBT - OK, so I'm not THAT bad off, but being out of debt for so many years and all of a sudden being in it again, isn't comfortable. There was a time I wouldn't think twice about having 30 credit cards maxed out, but now I'm reeling at having two close to the limit. Disney makes me spend happy and it's hard to control the urge once I'm home. I have to make it a point to control the urge. Maybe I need a spend-free Disney trip to fix the problem (but then again, Disney costs money, annual pass or not, spend-free or not, so it might not be much of a fix). Besides, I already know I have to get a new vehicle, and if something should happen, I know I can't get one right now and that makes me nervous.

5. MAKE MUCH NEEDED REPAIRS TO THE HOUSE - My trailer is now 17 years old (gosh, can't believe I've lived in the same place for 17 years!) and it's getting well-worn. I need a plumber and an electrician to come out, faucets need to be replaced, carpet needs to be replaced, siding needs to be replaced, roof needs to be replaced, need areas of the walls patched, maybe even painted, caulking needs to be done, I need some new furniture (and get rid of some old), etc, etc. It's a never-ending list, but if I keep avoiding problems, they are only gonna get worse (and more expensive). Shame I can't just pay it off and get a new one!

That's New Years Resolutions for 2013! Here's hoping I can stick to them! And I hope, not only does everyone have a great 2013, but that you also are able to stick to your resolutions as well!


Joan Price said...

These are great resolutions. I know what it is like to deal with both debt and needing to lose pounds. I managed to lose weight (yay!) and keep it off, but I haven't had as much success with my debt. I had to sell a structured settlement annuity, and I still have more work to do to get where I need to be financially. But baby steps, no? I also wanted to say that I think throwing yourself into the social world is a good way to go. I used to be very introverted and anxious, but I created a list of things that I would like to do if I wasn't anxious, and I started with the least scary/annoying one and worked my way up. Now, there isn't much I wont try, and I have a healthier social life. Good luck and thanks for the inspiration!

Keebles said...

If I had it my way, I'd just sit in the house and never leave. The more social I am, the more stressed I become, which makes me withdrawal even more. I don't want to be social, never have, never will. But I have to be somewhat social for work now, so what can I do? It's better now that I know I'm not the only person in the world like this though! Good luck with your finances!

Darryl Iorio said...

I also create a list of the things that I need to do for the whole year every New Year. It serves as a guide of the commendable things that I need to push throughout the year. A bathroom renovation is a part of my list. I’m planning to replace the faucet and the shower. It’s still in good condition, but it’s been like that for a decade, so I want to give it a new look. :D

Darryl Iorio