Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pages 6 through 12 done!!

I may have had a busy couple of weeks, but it seems to make me stitch like a madwoman!

I've also realized that copy cover paper is the only way to go when printing off I'm gonna have to get some before I can start Sleepy Hollow. It's thicker, stronger, doesn't smear the pattern, and doesn't bleed highlighters like regular paper.

Besides, I'm really looking forward to the new rows of my little Highland girl!

Had to update the title because I just finished the entire row, not just one page - it was pretty late when I posted!


Miamina said...

WOW! Really coming along great! It's lovely to see you back stitching and it's coming along so well.

I cheat and get OH to print of my charts at work, he only does it when they have the "nice" paper and not the cheap nasty paper!

Keep at it, can't wait to see more of her face.

tiffstitch said...

Beautiful! Congrats on finishing another page!

Keebles said...

It feels like such a major milestone when I reach the end of the row! I don't really go page by page, but row by row. I am absolutely in love with HAED's now!

Claire said...

Wow looking great.I love the red hair.

Keebles said...

Thanks Claire! I was a bit put off the hair at first because it really is red and maroon, but it doesn't look as dramatic as it did with the brown and black added, and the touches of tan and orange shades tone it down quite a bit!

Kate said...

Its looks great! Where do you find time to do this? You really are wonder woman :) Can't wait to see more.