Tuesday, June 12, 2012

HAED and their bloody sales!

OK, so this HAED sale is not that grand (plus it celebrates Father's Day, a sore spot with me), and I had been avoiding it like a good Disney saver should do (is it just me or do they have more sales than JCPenney?), but I always check their new additions out of habit (OK, honesty here...repetition of my routine), and low and behold:
Sleepy Hollow Mural
This is the first time I ABSOLUTELY HAD TO HAVE a chart RIGHT NOW (and in true Keebs fashion, I purchased it quicker than you can say, "charge it!").

I am a total sucker for all things Headless Horseman (and I believe I have mentioned that my favorite Disney toon of all time is The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow), so how in the world could I NOT get this one! And worse yet, I want to start it right away, the other WIP's be damned! Wasn't it just a couple of weeks ago I was saying how much doing more than one WIP was doing my head in?

For those of you that don't just work on more than one WIP, but actually on more than one HAED, how do you do it? These things will take years just to finish one...how do you deal with the pressure and how do you not loose interest? Oh why can't I win the lottery so I could sit at home all day and stitch?

Gotta go...too late tonight to go to Hobby Lobby, but I need to map out and gear up for my thread shopping trip to get ready for this puppy (oh, and somewhere in there I need to finish working, since I am still AT work...but why dwell on the fine points!).


Miamina said...

HAED sales are so dangerous in this house, I really can't control myself. I had promised that I would buy anything during this one but I can feel my willpower draining by the second!

I love that Sleepy Hollow chart, I was eyeing it up yesterday when I saw the new releases. as well as the recent Jasmine Becket-Griffith chart.

I have more than 1 WIP and this year I started trying to rotate on a weekly basis, it worked well for a few months then I've gone back to working on what I want when I want. To combat the "years for a finish" effect I have smaller things on the go as well, so that I do see things finished.

Keebles said...

There is a very particular JBG that I would LOVE to have, but unfortunately HAED doesn't have a chart for it and I can't pay the price of a custom chart. It's Strangling. I've posted on the HAED boards on the request thread about getting it, but that was forever and it never came to pass!

Miamina said...

You could always request it again and see, you never know. I've requested a few and none of mine have been charted but other people's requests have so might get lucky!

Keebles said...

Thanks Miamina! I will try again!