Thursday, April 12, 2012


I have soooo screwed up it's not funny! I'm no longer a card-carrying member of the Disney Experts Club, my merit badges have all been ripped off, I've been demoted, my license has been get the point! I screwed up!!

I always use this really handy little program called Mousetrack which puts a countdown clock on your desktop for the Disney trips. Well, suckiest website on the planet, BTW, has updated it's "My Disney Vacation" page to have a countdown clock, so I've been using it. Now, my stupid, brain-tumored head, apparently hasn't noticed that the clock wasn't moving....why you ask? Because I wasn't logged into the site! The second I logged onto the site tonight, but what do my wandering eyes should appear? YOU HAVE ONE DAY UNTIL IT'S TIME TO MAKE DINING RESERVATIONS! OMFGIN!!!! Not only have I not picked restaurants, I haven't even been working on the schedules because I was waiting for the Mickey's Not So Scary Party schedule to come out so I could work around those! Dumb-ass me was thinking that dining reservations were 120 days out, not 180 (although it's been back to 180 for a couple of years and I KNOW THIS!).

So now, it's 12:35 am and I have approximately 4 hrs and 25 minutes to come up with a settled schedule and be online waiting to book at exactly 5 am or Le Cellier will be out of reach and that is NOT AN OPTION!! MFCIN!!

To top it all off...I was too cheap to spring for Microsoft Office Suite because I just knew that Open Office would be fine...but I am unfamiliar with it and I don't have time to mess with it! That's why I'm having time to blog because I'm installing my old Office 2004 from my old computer! I NEED WORD!!

I will have such a migraine tomorrow it will not be funny! To say that I'm bent out of shape right now is an understatement! This is an Asper-girl's worst nightmare!! More deets to follow (if I don't kill myself first!).

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