Sunday, March 11, 2012

WDW Restaurant Review - Artist Point

OK, so I know I've seemingly fallen off the blog radar as of late, but it just couldn't be helped. Remember the doozers from Fraggle Rock? Well, they are building tons of construction walls around my head and are constantly hammering on it with their tiny little doozer hammers! You'd think after two weeks they would have built a skyscraper by now!

But that is not the purpose of this particular blog. I'm gonna try my best to get out a review since it's been so long. My second favorite sit-down restaurant is Artist Point inside the Wilderness Lodge (of course...were you surprised?). It continues the Northwest theme with both the decor and menu but at the same time it's one of the more sophisticated restaurants on property. Kids are there in limited quantities, but they are out of place and subsequently seem to realize it because they are on their best behavior.

But without further ado, it's picture time! Here's my meal from 2005 when Am and I were there:

Cheese plate (didn't enjoy):

Caesar Salad:

Pork Chop and Tillamook Mac and Cheese

Best Berry Cobbler ever!

Funny story about my 2006 solo trip...I guess they thought I was a restaurant critic, sitting by myself and taking pictures of the food. I did notice that they were quite attentive during dinner, but when I got back to my room and I had a message from the restaurant manager hoping I enjoyed my dinner and if I had any questions or comments I could call him on his direct line or cell phone! I didn't call him back, but I felt really guilty!! Here's those pics:

Portobello Mushroom Soup (normally I hate fungus, but this is amazing!):

Pork Chop and Tillamook Mac and Cheese (I'm nothing but a creature of habit!):

Berry Cobbler (once again):

But there you go! Another Disney restaurant!

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