Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Well...don't panic...but...

I haven't received actual word from my doctor yet, but I know the results of my MRI and its good news, and bad news.  Do you want the bad or the good first?  Good?  OK..."it's not a tumor" (she says in her best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression).   Bad?  There is a mass there.  Best they can tell, it's a benign left frontal lobe dural meningioma (but that comes from a third source "in the know" aka, my sis, - our medical community is quite small and we're all connected "in the great circle of life", aka, I gotta a lot of family in the biz as well as myself). 

I wish I could tell you more, but until I talk to my neuro, I really won't know more.  It's more than likely the cause of my headaches, and I'd rather them take it out.  I'm sick of this!  I did a little net search (never a good idea with medical things BTW), and 10% of them can be cancerous (yea me), but I'm not gonna think like that!  But I have already warned Am that if it is cancerous, she is NOT allowed to sell my Duck stuff!  She is burdened to keep it FOREVER!!

My Mother doesn't know yet and we're not sure how to tell her, so don't ya'll do it (T - this means YOU!).

More info to follow when I know more!


Abbybeth said...

will think good thoughts for you!

My mom had a brain tumor when I was about 3 - they had to operate and remove it. Nearly 26 years later she's still alive and well and had no recurrence. So while it is scary, you 'dont know what you dont know' and if this is what causes the migraines .... this may lead to you being able to live migraine free which would be wonderful.

Keebles said...

Thanks Abby! Mine isn't near as terrible as your Mom's but I'm glad she's during great!