Sunday, February 5, 2012

Small stitch update

Got very little done this weekend! Problem with the zombie meds is that they diminish my OCD and that's my stitch motivator!! Me and the Neuro are gonna have a little talk about that tomorrow!!


Plus, this dark fabric is a huge pain! How do ya'll do it?


Anonymous said...

Lovely start! I've heard that if you use a light behind the work or if stitching in hand/holding frame to have a white cloth on your lap helps when stitching dark fabric. Quick question about your OCD- are they helping you treat it with combined meds and CBT? I've heard that cognitive behavioural therapy can help battle it. Hope the cloth/light idea helps and you get motivated again the meds can be a total pain in the backside.

Keebles said...

Lenne - I've been using my magnifying light underneath the fabric and it helps somewhat, but those little LED's are hard to take right in my eyes!

As far as my OCD goes, after dealing with meds and therapy years ago, I'm very reluctant to do anything now. I manage it on my own. Because of the Asperger's, my life is internalized anyway, so the OCD doesn't interfere much with my day to a matter of fact, it's more of a good thing for me than a curse! I'm more obsessive than compulsive which helps as well. Asper's typically are hard to treat because we need to be in our heads and the main methods of treatment is to get us out of our heads because therapists typically believe that we need to be functioning members of society and I disagree with that...being social isn't necessary for all people and Asper's can function quite happily with very with little social interaction...myself included. My therapy was a never ending struggle with the therapist...her pushing me to do things I wasn't comfortable with, like social interaction, and me fighting her. Then there was the meds which altered my moods. Asper's are very hyper-sensitive and mood-altering can be quite upsetting to their general well-being. Hope I explained that's really complicated and every one of us is different, but for me, meds suck - long story short!

Joysze said...

Oh.... look how great those colors are popping on the blue fabbie!!!! On dark fabbies, I kinda judge how big the X should be and go at it. The white surface on the lap helps as well. :)

Good luck with the meds adjustment.

Vickie said...

It is popping!! You can do one of two things when stitching on dark colors:
1) buy a lap lamp. It sits on your lap and shines bright light so the holes pop. This is an example. You can get them cheaper.,-Lap-Top-Light-Box-14x10-Shines-Soft-Natural-Light-Thru-Darkest-Fabrics,-See-Needle-Point-_1097677528.html

2) Place a white towel on your lap. It helps!

Anonymous said...

Hey :) One of my closest friends has AS too, and OCD and has been having lots of hassle trying to find a therapist that, by the sounds of it, has been doing the same thing to you as they have been doing to him. Their manual seems to have it completely wrong when it comes to AS! It's lovely to meet you and I've been thoroughly enjoying your blog.

Keebles said...

Lenne - Thx! My personal opinion (be it ever so skewed) is that Asper's know themselves better than the average bears because we are internalized so much, so when outside forces (aka therapists and the like) try out their "edu-ma-cation" on us, it's a futile waste of time because, frankly, we are smarter than they are when it comes to knowing what is best for us!

What we need is a therapist who either has Asperger's or deals with a family member with it and understands, not one that learned their knowledge from books or from others, but has FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE, and even then, it's still tricky because every Asper is different.

If you get to us at the kid stage, I think we can be helped, but once we become adults, we are too set in our ways and have our ticks and issues modified just enough to survive in society and therefore we need no more in our minds. We went through the rough stuff already on our own and having someone come in at this point and try to help is just stupid. But, like I said, just my opinion...which is usually pretty blunt!

Thanks Vickie! Woowser what a cost! I found one on Amazon quite a bit cheaper - then I realized I got way too much belly and not enough lap! Guess I'll have to stick to my magnifying light underneath it for now until I start loosing Disney weight! But thanks cause now I know what to look for!