Saturday, February 25, 2012

It's official!!!

Disney World is booked! We are officially going...brain tumor or not! Now I've got something else to focus on! Plans to be made, restaurants to pick, schedules to make! So exciting!

The basic restaurants have already been decided upon...some are non-negotiable...Le Cellier, Artist Point, Raglan Road. I'm thinking for our Animal Kingdom day we'll do Yak & Yeti, Am wants to do Brown Derby in Hollywood Studios, but I can't STAND BD, so she's gonna do lunch there and I'm gonna do something else for lunch that day. We are definitely doing the Indian Burial Ground Tea. But as a change up, I'm thinking that since Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney is getting a makeover, maybe we'll do it...I was already thinking T-Rex anyway and they are basically the same thing except for the theming. I was also thinking Coral Reef in Epcot..we haven't done that in a while and despite it's reviews, we've always had good experiences there. I always like to throw in at least one new choice each trip, but it's getting harder and harder to do that!! We've just about done all the ones that would interest us! I'd like to try Cat Cora's, but I think it's too "olive" for Am (she HATES olives)! She mentioned Flying Fish, and I thought Cat Cora's took over FF, but I was wrong (been too long out of the Disney loop I guess). We did the new restaurant in Mexico last time and it was good, so that's an option. There is a new restaurant in Italy and they are revamping the old one, so those might be options as well.

The ones on the forever NO-NO list are Sommerfest in Germany (bad food poisoning incident when Am and the fam went years ago), Wolfgang Puke's (yes, I did spell that wrong - on purpose), I don't like Japanese and I did it last time for Am, but I can't bare it again, Restaurant Marrakesh in Morocco, rude service, bad food, rude service, oh, and did I mention rude service? Tony's Town Square in Magic Kingdom...never a positive experience there, 50's Prime Time Cafe in the Hollywood Studios - Google it, you'll see why, and any character meal...too many kids, for however long the characters are at your table the entire restaurant is staring at you, your meal keeps getting interrupted, need I go on?

Next month October schedule will come out, so days can be planned then. One planning gaff I always seem to manage is never being at the Magic Kingdom in the morning...gotta not do that this time. Plus, with flying, you loose half a day coming and going and driving we won't be doing that! And I may have to hog-tie her, but we will be spending an entire day with extra magic hours in Animal Kingdom...hear me Am, you must grant your brain-tumor suffering sister this wish (even though you are paying for the trip and we are taking your vehicle, and you are making this all possible, man, I'm stooping low now, huh!).

We've decided to drive straight there, stay somewhere off property, then head in first thing. Same thing with leaving, stay till the end of the last day, stay somewhere off property, then drive home. So that technically gives us another full day! But, for the first time ever, we will be able to go to the outlets, might do that on the way in, it would totally suck to find things in the outlets that we paid double for in the parks after the fact!

Anyhoo, enough rambling for now, I'm headache hungover and tired. No stitching progress to report, unfortunately. I'll get my stitching mojo back, just a lot going on right now. I have enjoyed looking at everyone else's progress! I'm crap at leaving comments, but I look all the time! That will be another good thing about going to WDW, Jasmine Beckett-Griffith, my current favorite artist and creator of my little Highland girl, is based in Orlando and has work at the gallery at Downtown Disney! I might get lucky and catch her there! It would be great to finish my stitch and run into her and have her sign it, but the odds of getting that huge HAED done are a million to one unless I work on it 24/7!

I also need to start up my reviews of Disney World again. Maybe tomorrow!

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woohoo! sounds wonderful :D