Friday, February 3, 2012

I spy...

I spy with my little eye a certain duck appearing in a sea of navy!

I finally get home at a decent hour and what do I do? Clean house of all things! But I did get started on 35th Anniversary Celebration. It's extremely hard stitching on not only dark fabric, but on 14ct again! I'm having to put my magnifying light underneath the frame just to see the holes and the coverage isn't making me very happy. But I went back and looked at the other projects that I bought at Disney World which were also 14ct, and they also look the same, you just can't tell it because they are on light fabric; Mickey's Self Portrait is on white and Past, Present, and Forever is on a pale bluish-green. But, from a distance, it doesn't look as bad as it does close up, so framed it will be OK.

There was a time I never thought I would be able to stitch on anything other than 14ct and now it looks not only huge, but 2 strands just can't give good enough coverage. I debated either getting 18ct fabric and trying it on that, or doing 3 strands, but I think I'm going to be true to the pattern since I did actually buy this in Disney World in 2006, so it is a memento.

I've also been thinking a lot about the Thomas Kinkade Disney's way past time for a new one to come out. Since he's done Sleeping Beauty (and we all know Sleeping Beauty is my favorite Disney film of all time), I would literally KILL to have that in cross stitch...Kinkade or not!! I figured with the re-release of the Lion King, that one would be put out in stitch, but nope. So where is the next one? Will there be a next one? I don't know why I care...I probably will never get around to stitching them in the first place.


Abbybeth said...

yesssss.....give in and start a Kinkade! if you REALLY don't want to do the French knots, mail it to me when you're done and I'll do them and send it back. Dont let the knots stop you.
I would love for both SB & The Lion King to be done for xs, and I like how he did The Princess & The Frog too.

Keebles said...

I'm definitely gonna learn french knots...eventually...when I HAVE to!

And why didn't they do Sleeping Beauty Castle when they did Cinderella's? That was one of the first one's!