Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy make single people feel inferior day!

I'm happy to be single...after my marriage, I'm lucky I didn't end up in a convent (only with my religious views they'd kick me out in about 2 seconds!).

But watching the worst of the office people get roses and flowers and bears and balloons all day can really make even the most content single person feel worthless!

T took me out for dinner on Sunday and we spent the day shopping as a Valentine's treat, but T is my best friend and I love him...like family (which, in my case, means my Sister since she's the only real family I got), doesn't really count in the romance department!

Normally I don't care, but must there be a holiday that shoves it in our face?  I'd like to get a dozen purple roses just because someone loves me and not because it was my birthday one year and my aunt got them on sale (and it was only a half dozen).

This must be the work of Ferg-id, making me feel things I normally wouldn't care crap about!  I've made it through dozens of Valentine's Days and haven't cared before!  Either that or it's the meds!


Kay said...

I always think of it as Single Awareness Day (SAD). And I do not appreciate coupleness being shoved in my face.

Although, since it's a contrived holiday maybe it's time to convince the consumer machine to come up with a holiday where everyone sends the singles stuff. (Yay! Free stuff!)

Mangogirl said...

have you looked up st valentines? One of them was beheaded. they don't actually know which saint exactly st valentines is for :D So much fun! I really don't like contrived holidays like valentines.