Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ferg-id can hide no more!

Well, here he is folks! The illustrious Ferg-id Quinn! It's true what they say, pictures really do add weight because he looks huge!!


The neurosurgeon has given him a 6 month reprieve. He gets to live in my head for at least that much longer then I have another MRI and we'll see. Part of me is pissed off...I don't want this thing in my head, part of me is relieved, I don't want my skull cracked open. It's a catch 22!

Oh well, gotta get to work!


Abbybeth said...

perhaps one is better able to fight an enemy when it's known & accounted for? And at least now there is a definitive timeline on where you go from here. Sending good thoughts, as always.

Mangogirl said...

good luck! It's wonderful that at least you now know what you are facing. Hope it all works out!