Monday, January 9, 2012

Short weekend!

Barely got any work done because I spent most of it sleeping! I'm mad at myself for wasting my weekend, but on the other hand, I haven't felt this good in weeks! I just hope it lasts for at least the next five days and hopefully I won't need to do it again next weekend. But, at the same time, endless rows and rows of the same color would probably not really inspire the most dedicated of stitchers to crawl out of bed just for the thrill of getting back to the grind. I'll get through it eventually. Thanks to everyone for your words of encouragement! I'm the worlds worst about commenting as well as responding to comments, but I do read everyone's blog and do read comments. I'm just crap at expressing things! But without further ado:


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Joysze said...

I've been so busy and LOOK WHAT I MISSED!!!! Oh, it's looking wonderful and definitely "unbuttful" (ROFL) anymore.

Don't be upset about sleeping your weekend away. Sometimes that's just what we did. I took last Friday off and did the same thing. :)