Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Guess what?!?!?!

WE'RE GOING TO DISNEYWORLD!! Am and I are gonna do it! My brain is now in official Disney mode! It's going 90 to nothing! I feel like I have a purpose again! It's so funny that I've spent so much time lately trying to clear my head of all the ramblings running through it and now I'm so excited that it's going completely nuts again!

The most important question (at least to me) was the money issue, but my absolutely wonderful sister is going to make it my combined B-day/Christmas present!

Next issue (and second most important) is where to stay. Funny thing is, despite my incredible typical Asperger fear of trees and the woods, my favorite Disney resort is Wilderness Lodge (and Am's probably least favorite) but she wants to stay there this time! YEA!!! OK, so we've stayed there before (and I've stayed there twice on my own), but it's the smallest of the deluxes, it's one building and self-contained, it's in the Magic Kingdom area, it has my favorite resort restaurant, and it has the best resort gift shop!

Front side of Wilderness Lodge Dec 2006

Back side of Lodge Oct 2005

Then, for the first time, we have to decide whether to fly or drive. It's a two hour flight or a 16 hour drive. Easy choice right? Wrong. We've always flown, but with the choice of driving, we don't have to deal with airport security (which basically gives me hives) and we can pack whatever and how much we want. But more importantly, no more shipping. Bet you have no clue what I'm talking about! I always ship a huge box of empty boxes and tons of packing supplies down there and all the stuff we buy gets packed up our way (Disney doesn't pack it right) and then we ship it home. It usually takes several hundred dollars to ship it all home. Then something always goes wrong (at least with my stuff), so that has to be dealt with. If we drove, we could just pack all our purchases in the back and off we go! Plus, for the first time ever, we'd actually be able to buy wine at the Food And Wine Festival (you can't ship alcohol to the state of Arkansas).

Which brings up another we want to go in October (my favorite time to go) or do we want to go another time. Am has never been at Christmas (but none of us are Christmas people - except my Mother - and you guys thought it was just me!). But Halloween is special to us all (probably because we're freaks) and the parks are beautiful then.

The Haunted Mansion in the Magic Kingdom - Oct 2009

Looking down Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom from the Train Station Oct 2007

But, needless to say, I got tons to think about and since it's 6 am, I better go to bed! I still have a job to go to!


Kate said...

I am at work reading this and sitting at my desk completely agog! You will have an amazing time whenever you go! I wish I was half as organised as you will be.

Abbybeth said...

IF I go in conjunction with my parents trip, we'll be there the last week of October to hit MNSSHP and F & W. Still a very big IF.

Joysze said...

Awesome!!! We went there for our honeymoon years and years ago and it was between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The crowds were as horrendous and you get all the Christmas decor. I bought tickets into Mickey's Very Merry Christmas part where the Magic Kingdom is opened till 2am for ticket holders only. It was awesome! :D

Keebles said...

I've been to MVMCP once, just to say I've been, but I still prefer Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party! Villains running amuck amuck amuck!!

Mattysam said...

It's Halloween, Lo Ween, everybody!!!!

Keebles said...

Let out a scream, yea it's Halloween!!

Mangogirl said...

awesome! I've been to disneyland in anaheim but not to disneyworld. sounds like whenever you choose to go you will have fun.

Vickie said...

So jealous! Love the favorite place to stay! Can't help with drive or fly...I prefer fly but I don't let myself go hog wild! My DH would hogtie me to a spit and roast me! I want to go to the Christmas party this year!