Saturday, December 31, 2011

Unconventionally gorgeous

What is normally considered gorgeous for the male standards is not usually what I consider gorgeous. Their intelligence, their strength, their humor, their intensity, and a bit of danger are all more important to me than a chiseled face and a hard body. Those that follow me know that I've mentioned several actors numerous times over and over again, my favorite actors. But if you are American, more than likely you have probably never heard of these guys (but I'd bet you'll probably recognize one or all of them). So my New Years gift is the gift of men!

Number 1 - Rupert Penry-Jones, Spook spectacular in more than one instance, a bad guy you just can't hate in Cassanova and Silk, and OCD detective in Whitechapel, and the best Captain Wentworth Jane Austen ever imagined!
(Spooks, Cambridge Spies, Persuasion, Silk, North Square, Cassanova, Whitechapel, The 39 Steps, Jane Eyre, Virtual Sexuality, Hilary and Jackie, just to name a few).

Number 2 - Richard Armitage, another Spook spectacular, Robin Hood's ultimate nemesis, the Vicar of Dibley's gorgeous love, upcoming in the next Hobbit, and forever John Thornton in Elizabeth Gaskill's North And South, number 2, but only just, and my first Mancunian on the list.
(Spooks, Strike Back first series, North And South, Robin Hood, The Vicar Of Dibley, Captain America The First Avenger, Ultimate Force, The Golden Hour, The Impressionists, Moving On, Shakespeare Retold - MacBeth).

Number 3 - David Tennant - the one and only doctor in my mind and surprising my only Scot on the list!
(Doctor Who - that's almost enough of a legend for any actor, Cassanova, Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire, Secret Smile, Hamlet, Bright Young Things).

Number 4 - Max Beesley - actor extraordinaire from Hotel Babylon, musician extraordinaire for Robbie Williams, Mancunian extraordinaire, well, from Manchester.
(Hotel Babylon, Survivors, Bodies, Talk To Me, Bloodlines, Kill Me Later, The Last Enemy).

Number 5 - Jamie Draven - my last Mancunian, forever playing the solider, but burned in my mind as the romantic lead in Watermelon.
(Ultimate Force, Watermelon, Billy Elliot, Badland, Body Farm).

Well, that's it, my list of gorgeous men, the actors that make me drool, make my heart skip a beat, etc, etc. If you have a chance, definitely give them a chance, you might not initially be attracted to them, but their talent and intensity might just change your mind! I've listed some of their movies and shows, but only the ones I've seen and can recommend and most of them you should be able to get a hold of!



Ewa said...

I bought the entire Robin Hood series on DVD just so I could stare at Richard Armitage in leather. And tied to a tree. Yum.

Keebles said...

North And South and the cravat...a man in a cravat gets me every single time!

Ewa said...

Lol. I bought that one, too!

Keebles said...

Robin Hood was hard for me because I didn't want Guy to be bad and then when they killed off Marian, I couldn't watch anymore. But one day I will finish it!!

Ewa said...

Well, if you think that Robin is as big of an incomprehensible prick as I do, you'll be happy to know that in Season 3 Guy throws him off a cliff. And it's super satisfying.

Joysze said...

Ooooh la la!!! I just might have to steal some of your ideas for hunky posts. Hope you don't mind? :D

Keebles said...

Steal away Joysze! The more people know about them, the better! I hate to see "good assets" going to waste!