Saturday, December 3, 2011

No new stitch update

I have done absolutely no stitching this week, not a single square. But hopefully, knock on wood (or the particle board that makes up 97% of the furniture in my house), this should be the worst of the work weeks for the holidays, at least for a little while. I've come home every night too tired to do anything but sleep, except for the headache days, and those where just too terrible to remember. But the funny thing was, I spent most of the day at work doing nothing but thinking about stitching!

I think I've decided not to try to frog the page seam lines. I'm hoping that washing and ironing when I'm done will fix what little damage there is. It would probably cause far more damage trying to frog it anyway.

I did finally break down and sign up on the HAED message boards. Talk about information overload! They do have a section to post requests for projects and I've been dying to suggest a few, so yea! I'm not a big message board poster (I've been on the DisBoards since '03 and I've barely got over 500 posts...most people do that in a week!). For some reason I tend to kill threads and never get answers to my posts. And in case ya'll haven't noticed, I'm not only a horrible commenter, but I'm horrible at responding to comments! I don't know how to compliment and I don't know how to be complimented! I'm always afraid I'm going to offend because I have no filter.

In case you haven't checked out my Stash section, I did get a couple of new HAED's. Why can't they stop having sales? They are worse than JCPenney!

The first is Alternative Reality by Josephine Wall. This epitomizes me (ever notice how I say that alot...must I always pick projects that center around me? apparently so)! Even the dress is pretty similar to my prom dress! But being trapped between the crappy real word and your happy place, not knowing which one to go anyway, here it is:
Alternative Reality

Then there is Foxglove Ball by Aimee Stewart. I don't know what it was about this one. I just knew the second I saw it I had to have it! But lord it's gonna be a pain! It's massively huge, it's got tons of confetti, and it has 147 pages!

How in the world I'm ever gonna have time to finish any of these I have absolutely no clue! I could stitch 24/7 for the rest of my life and never finish what is in my stash pile right now! But I guess most of us are that way! At least I don't have anyone in the house other than me mucking up my time! My ex-husband never would have let me stitch like I do now. He couldn't have stood me not paying attention to him! The only time I got to stitch back then was during hunting season! Times I definitely don't miss!

But I will try to work a bit this 3 will be exciting! Hair! Who knew someone could get so excited over hair!


Kate said...

Lol! I sent you an email and you have pretty much solved the mystery! haha
I am sure that the break will give you more impetus when you start back on your stitching again. These new HAEDs are beautiful but all I could think was how tricksy they looked (apologies for the LOTR ref but I like that word :) ) It won't stop me from enjoying watching you stitch them though! I am starting my HAED in the new year and no-one I have shown it to likes it! Which is good cos' its all precious...(I really must stop this!). Anyway, apologies for clogging up your post but I don't have a filter either - only mine doesn't stop waffle.

Abbybeth said...

I just signed up for the HAED boards too, though I haven't ordered a chart yet. There are several I have marked - I love the celtic ones they have. Their board is very full of info and overwhelming and I have to get used to Yuku again, I used it a while back for Disney pin trading, but prefer the layout of the Disboards. We'll see!