Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Goals

I've thought a lot about joining WIPocalypse and frankly, I'm just not cut out for it. Goals like that I just don't do good with, I would set unrealistic goals and crucify myself when I didn't finish them. But New Years Resolutions are a different story. I don't usually set any because I think they are stupid (i.e. I don't usually stick to them). But I think maybe I might actually set a few this year and making them public might actually make me keep them up. So here we go, Keebs' New Years Resolutions:

1) Purchase only one video a week from Amazon UK (sets count as one video - no need to go too drastic).

2) Put no less than $50 per pay day in savings - it's time for a new car.

3) Limit myself to one soda per day (and that doesn't mean if I skip a day I can drink two the next).

4) Everything that I usually eat, cut it in half (trust me, I eat enough for two).

5) On the topic of eating, it's time to eat more than one meal a day, better three little ones than one big one.

6) Walk on the treadmill at least 3 days per week (will be the hardest to keep).

7 Stop buying new books until I have read all my stash (unless it's by my absolute favorite authors).

8) Read no more than one book per week (unless one is a classic), I get too caught up in fantasy sometimes.

9) Find a way to control my migraines (i.e. stress) without taking so many drugs.

10) I will stop dwelling over my Father - he is no longer in my life, it's time to let him go, he's certainly let me go.

That's it - my New Years Resolutions. We will see how well I stick to them! I didn't have a cross stitch goal because I'm pretty steady with stitching right now. It's all the other areas I have trouble in.

I'm not technically starting a diet because diets don't work for me. Well, only two diets ever worked for me and I think I've tried them all. Nutri-System worked both times I used it, but I can't afford it now, and the three-day diet always worked (at least for a few weeks) but I can't stand most of the food on it anymore (the smell of bananas and tuna both gag me now). I gained more weight on Weight Watchers than any other diet I tried, so that one is definitely out. I've noticed in the press lately a lot of overweight stars have been loosing weight just by eating right and exercising, so that's going to be my plan (or at least eating better). Cheese will be the hardest thing for me to cut back on (cutting out completely wouldn't work and just cause me to binge). Sweets and bread will be the easiest to give up (don't eat a lot of either now). I'm not good with eating veggies, so that could be a problem too (unless, of course, they are covered with cheese). You'd think that Atkins would be the perfect diet for me, all meat and cheese, but I couldn't take all the grease. It's so amazing how there are so many fattening foods I don't like, yet I am still overweight. I do eat extremely fast and that's another thing I have to fix. And I do eat a lot of fast food. Plus I don't exercise at all (but can be quite obsessive when I do actually start a program). I do eat a heck of a lot of Lean Cuisines, after I've added extra cheese (of course), but I have to restrict myself to eat just one per meal (I'm bad about eating more than one at a time). Ever notice how all Lean Cuisines are cheese friendly dishes?

But since I didn't go to Disney World last year, I didn't do my normal 30lb loss that I do every year for the Disney trip. So I'm carrying around an extra 30lbs of weight on top of my already hefty frame. It's just too much. Disney World was always the perfect weight loss goal. All my vacation clothes are one size, so I'd have to loose weight to fit into them, plus, Disney is quite uncomfortable to the overweight (albeit quite accommodating - never had any problems fitting on rides). It will be hard without Disney as a goal because I don't know if I will be able to go this year either. We'll just have to wait and see!

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