Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Summer Ball update

Geez, I shouldn't blog when I feel like crap! Makes me sound a bit like a twat! My last post was a bit on the militant side! Oh well, that's just me all over!

Any-hoo...on to stitching progress. Still waiting for the new material to come in so I can restart A Walk Through The Highlands, but until then, all my energy (what little there is of it) is focused on A Summer Ball. I'm doing all the light colored stuff first, so the picture isn't showing up well, but I kind of prefer to do the light colors first and the darker ones last. But without further ado:

It's been a long time since I've done a stitch with quarter and three-quarter stitches and frankly, it's making my attention span really short with this one. Half stitches I don't mind, the the quarter stitches, ugh. But I must keep calm and carry on. But I do find it funny that the one time I try to do two projects at the same time, circumstances cause me to end up only doing one! If it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all!


Kate said...

I cant believe how much of it you have done already, definitely giving me hope that I can finish a much smaller straight forward one, it is going to look good :)

TammyK said...

You've got a lot accomplished. Looking forward to seeing more :)

Joysze said...

Great progress on this. :D The one on the right looks like the beginnings on a nude back portrait. Hehehehe.

I read your entire post from Monday, and I think that since this is YOUR blog, you can post and vent or rant however you like. Aspergers has come to the forefront much more in recent years, which is a good thing in helping parents and kids deal with the difficulties of it.

I'd have never thought how much the kids lose on medication, especially since they plateau off to not caring about anything. Not good. :(

keebles said...

Thanks guys...it feels like I'm totally crawling on it! I do feel really weird sticking the needle through the dude's "package"! Feels a bit masochistic!!

Thanks Joysze for your kind words...I've seen kids I'd pay parents to put on meds, and I'm sure I was one of them, but I can't imagine living like a zombie my whole life either. Most adults actually find out they have Asperger's because they have autistic children and they get tested to see which parent had the dominant gene since it's hereditary. More than likely, if I would have had children, they would have been autistic. I couldn't of handled that...fate works in mysterious ways. Cervical cancer kept me from getting pregnant when I was married. Everything happens for a reason. Now I have no more crappy husband and no more uterus so no more debilitating cramps...win win!!