Thursday, November 3, 2011

Secret Codes and Battleships!

Darren Hayes' new album is out! Go to itunes and get your copy now (and the deluxe features extra songs!). I've got storms moving in, so I can't review it fully now...but it's Darren so you know I'm loving every second of it!!! It's a bit more mainstream than his solo stuff usually is, not that it's a bad thing, but he's not as "laid bare" as he normally would be...meaning his lyrics are a bit subdued. Plus the music is a bit more "produced", which is not a good thing in Darren's case, it takes away from his voice...he doesn't need it. This album is more Savage Garden than Darren Hayes I guess is the best analogy I can give. More later...the thunder is rolling in!

Here's the video for Bloodstained Heart...still the best song on the album (just in case you haven't seen it yet, or want to see it again):

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