Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Facebook Fraud

I've been offline for a few days out of sheer terror! Friday night I went to make a payment on my credit card when I noticed that the balance was WAY too high. So I started looking at the purchases (I rarely ever use it) and sure enough, there were two $250 charges and another $250 pending charge from Facebook! I completely panicked! I called the credit card company immediately and reported it as fraud and they cancelled the card and then I went to Facebook.

Now, I don't use my Facebook account for much of anything. Birthday wishes or the occasional messages from someone, but other than that, it's completely useless to me. Facebook is for social people...of which I am not! I don't play games or most messages like everyone else..."going to the bathroom every five minutes". I just don't get it! Plus, the one that really gets me, is all the people who post all the religious comments and I know for a fact that most of those people don't have a single religious bone in their body! It's all for show!! I'm digressing.

So, after talking to the credit card company, I went onto my Facebook account and started looking seriously at my settings. I've always kept up with the privacy settings and made sure mine were at the highest level, but I needed to check. Nothing, nada, zip, zilch. There was no credit card on file, no evidence I had ever made a purchase, nothing. So I also reported it as fraud to them as well.

I got word from Facebook today that they verified that it was indeed fraud and they are reimbursing my account (mute point because the credit card company has already written it off as fraud). Then I made a final decision. My Facebook account is going buh-bye. I went online today and posted a good-bye notice to my so-called Facebook "friends". In 24 hrs, bon voyage to FB! I don't need it anyway.

This blog is what I wanted Facebook to be...me being able to express my opinions and sharing my life, but not in a way that shoves it down everyone's throat. If people aren't interested, they don't have to visit the blog, whereas on FB it would be in their face. And in the same vain, I don't have to worry about looking at everyone else's crap on FB like I have to now.

So, here I go being even more anti-social...I shall no longer have a Facebook account! That almost makes me not part of the human race! Yea me!


Joysze said...

I hardly use my FB either. The only times I go is when my cousin tells me there's a new picture from other cousins I should look at. I really should just shut it down...

keebles said...

I shut mine down yesterday and even then, they wouldn't officially shut it down for 14 days "in case I change my mind". But I get get the reimbursed money back in my account today, so that was a major relief!!

Vickie said...

Wow! Thats is terrible! Glad you caught it!

keebles said...

Thanks Vickie! And luckily I got my money back!