Saturday, September 10, 2011

London Real Estate

Ok, so I do fantasize about winning the lottery...a lot!  And...I spend a lot of time looking at real estate, in both Florida and abroad.  So I decided to give you a peek into my little fantasy world...Keebles style!

This property has had my eye for a couple of years now.  One, because of the purple cabinets, of course!  But, also, because of the amazing views down the river!  As a huge Spooks (MI-5) fan, it's also cool to be right next to Vauxhall Cross (MI-6 headquarters for those that don't know) and cross the river and a perfect sightline of Thames House (MI-5).  And look's Big Ben and Parliament, and Big Ben, and Parliament...(if you don't get that reference then you are either too young or too culturally deprived!).  It has massive balcony space overlooking the river and huge open spaces. 

I don't normally look at properties on this side of the river...I do tend to lean toward the Kensington (because gotta love those famous wealthy neighbors), Chelsea (for the cool artiness and to be a West-End girl), and Marlyebone (because who wouldn't want to live steps away from 221-B Baker Street).  But I do like this property, plus it's just steps away from the Vauxhall Bridge which leads directly into Chelsea, so no worries there!

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