Monday, September 26, 2011


Friendship for an Asperger is a strange thing because we don't like people much. But there have been a couple of occasions throughout my lifetime when someone has actually gotten through the barricades (to quote an old Spandau Ballet song). But they never last long. Why you ask? Because they play by the normal rules of friendship and I don't. They want to hang out all the time, and talk on the phone, and do things together. Problem is, I get bored with people quickly and they start to annoy me. But I typically don't handle it well and instead of explaining the situation to them, I just run them off. Which doesn't really upset me...saves me the trouble of an explanation, and the annoyance is gone.

What did a very wise woman once say? "I don't want people to be agreeable as it saves me the trouble of liking them". Could Jane Austen have been an Asperger too? Look at the facts, excellent imagination, no close relationships other than her sister. Hmm....makes you think a bit?

But, back to me, I have two friends who have managed to stick around, each for different reasons and I'd like to thank them for it. Maybe I'm feeling a bit soft today or something, or maybe it was all that sleep I got! Who knows! But thanks I'm about to give!

Firstly, to my dearest friend, Tony. We've been friends for years, but have become closer the last several. I don't trust men (although I do still like them for some stupid reason), not one single one in my life has been worth their weight in salt. Tony is different. I feel completely at ease with him. I know that he is 100% trustworthy and safe. Why doesn't he annoy me? We go for weeks without talking. Not for any nefarious reasons, but just because we live in separate towns and he has a life and I don't, so he's more busy than I am. But the point is, he's not in my face 24/7. He's there when I need him, we have fun together, and then I have my space! The best of both worlds! But when we do get together, it's as though we have never been apart...that's why our friendship works.

Secondly, to my friend Madison. We've also been friends for years also, but we have never met, in person that is. She lives halfway across the country from me. And that's why our friendship works! We talk online, we love the same things, Disney, Duran. We talk about our lives and share personal things...but the same space we've never shared (although we have been in Disney World at the same time - we just both chickened out when it came to meeting). Maybe we will meet someday when it's time, who knows! But I know that I can trust her just as much as any person I know in the flesh (next to Tony that is).

So this post is for two best friends, Tony and Madison. Hopefully these two will be able to put up with me where others have failed, because it would actually hurt me if I were to loose either one of them! And that's saying a lot!

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