Friday, September 9, 2011

Finished Midsomer 5&6

Another two series down...and have to admit I am a bit miffed! Sergeant Troy kissed Cully in ep 7, but no other mention of it was made! Seriously pisses me off! And of course my OCD brain wouldn't let it go since Daniel Casey (the actor playing Troy) doesn't appear on any of the other series dvd covers and sure enough, no other kisses and no other get togethers and no more Sgt Troy! Ugh! Why even bother have them kiss if you are never going to mention it again! I was in the mood for a bit of romance after all that murder! Other than that, excellent series and I'm ready for Seven! My thirteen better come in soon, or by the time I get there I'm gonna be upset!

I did get a bit confused when I saw Celia Imrie (Auntie Una in Bridget Jones for those unfamiliar) for what I thought was yet another episode, but I think I'm confusing it with the Dalziel and Pascoe episodes I watched weekend before last since I can't find any reference that she was on more than one episode of Midsomer Murders (not that actors don't reappear more than once on a show as different characters). I'm still trying to get over Ciaran McMenamin (absolutely love him! Watermelon is one of my favorite movies - although I love Jamie Draven better - I'm digressing again) playing Sam's son on Silent Witness on her exit from the show, which was a big bloody deal and was a two episode arch), then playing a bad guy one series later...a completely different character! Maybe for those that get to see the series in real time that wasn't a big deal...but for Arkies like me who have to get her Brit on by buying it and watching it in marathons, it was about three hours apart. Ugh. I say ugh a lot lately. But seriously...ugh. Oh, and speaking of Silent Witness...Tom Ward played quite the baddie in this series of Midsomer Murders and suffered greatly for it! Love him too (and can't wait for series 13 and 14 of Silent Witness to come out)!

No stitching tonight, got home too late, but do have updates from Wednesday night, so might get those up on Friday night (which I guess technically is the rest of the world's Saturday morning!).

Oh, and I also added links to the blogs that I follow the most often. I check these sites all the time and LOVE LOVE LOVE them, so you guys give them a look-see too!

Now I wish I had time to watch Watermelon! Got it on the brain now! Great movie for those that can find it (having said that, people who have read the book HATE this movie...I haven't read it, and knowing that, I don't want to since I love the movie so much)...Jamie Draven, Ciaran McMcMenamin, and Anna Friel...Anna plays Claire, a naive, and truth-stretching Dublin girl who finally made it through college and is ready to hit the big time in London with her boyfriend Adam (Ciaran). Adam reluctantly tags along with Claire thinking she has this big job at a magazine lined up, only to find out it was only a interview, which she totally blows (literally, blows, as in chunks, throws up in the lobby koi pond) but not after catching the eye of one of the interviewers, James (Jamie). After Adam finds out he's been had, he leaves Claire and heads back to Dublin, on the same day that Claire literally runs into James coming out of a coffee shop (almost breaking his nose), and they instantly start up a relationship. She ends up getting a job at the magazine, but just as the copy machine girl and a couple of months later she realizes that she's pregnant, with Adam's baby. She does tell James she's pregnant and he assumes it's his and she doesn't bother to correct him. They move in together and then the baby comes...two months too early for James to be the father and, well...get the movie...I ain't gonna tell you the whole plot line...but if you know me, you know there's a happy ending! Wish there was a trailer or something on YouTube I could put up, but sadly there is not. Maybe if you search for it, you could find something.

Now, enough tittle tattle...time for bed! Tomorrow is Friday!

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