Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bodies - first British show post-review

I'm starting with Bodies first because: A) it's a bloody good show, both literally and figuratively; and B) Beesley, as in Max...need I say more!

Bodies is not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. I work in the medical field, so a little blood and guts doesn't bother me. But Bodies is graphic, and that is, quite frankly, an understatement! So I'm really not kidding when I say you better have a strong constitution when you watch this.

In a nutshell, it's four series (although the last is a movie finale) about a new OB/GYN (the absolutely gorgeous Max Beesley who I worship, adore, love, drool over...sorry, got carried away), and his trials and tribulations being put under an incompetent consultant, his relationship with a married nurse, and dealing with being a new doctor and trying to get ahead in a field that is more about business than patients.

The births are realistic looking, you see va-jay jay's up close and personal, blood is everywhere, placentas are everywhere, Cesarean's, an episiotomy or two or twelve, babies die, mothers die, the sex can get graphic (full frontal Max nudity if you look hard enough and hit the pause button just right), the drama is high, the politics are a bit condemning, all in all, great entertainment! Oh, and did I mention Max Beesley? For those of you that don't know who Max is, he stared in Hotel Babylon for the first three series, or maybe you saw Survivors? Oh and Keith Allen also stars as the Head Consultant (Lily Allen's father or the Sheriff Of Nottingham on the Robin Hood BBC series depending on which way you look at him).

Now, I will have to add, I did not like the way the series ended. I am a happy ending kind of girl (as my love of Jane Austen goes to show). But as most British shows don't get an ending when they get cancelled (and trust me, I've got dozens that end with tons of cliffhangers and no finales because they got cancelled - New Street Law anyone?), at least this one got it's ending...even if I disagreed with it, but you may not...who knows? Only you can decide!


Joysze said...

Thanks for the write up on this.... I won't be watching it.... LOL!! Sounds too gory for me and that ending, an absolute no no in my books. ;)

keebles said...

Not so much gory as "realistic", and yeah, in my book at least, the ending sucked. But if you don't watch the last episode/movie, since it plays several years into the future, you can still enjoy it!