Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Top 5 Tuesday's Catch Up (again)

Well, looks like I've gotten behind again, so this is going to be short, sweet, and to the point. Sorry about the lack of pictures, between long work hours and this nagging chest thing, I just didn't feel like it last night.

Starting with last week's list - Top 5 Things That Make Me Laugh

I'm not a laugher by nature...the high level of sarcasm in my genes makes it almost impossible to hit my funny bone, but there are a few exceptions:

1) My Sister. She knows me too well and she knows which buttons to push.

2) My Pups. There is no greater joy.

3) Disney World. Kid...Candy explanation needed.

4) Being told what to do, especially by authority figures...not a laughable thing, but I will often burst out uncontrollably. Probably more of a nervous tick.

5) South Park. Rude, crude, horribly un-PC, but the most honest humor there is on television, bar-none.

And this week's - Top 5 Things To Accompany Your Stitching

1) iPad. I use it for keeping time and for viewing the PDFs (although I still use paper as well). Can't imagine stitching without it now.

2) My new light. Thanks to a generous Valentines Day gift card from Amazon, I managed to snag a really good LED light to replace my old Hobby Lobby magnifying light which has sucked since day one.

3) Reading glasses. I'm old, I'm legally blind, I have a degenerative eye disease, and I prefer to stitch on 28ct, so I need a little help.

4) A good binge watching show...right now, I'm on my eighth viewing of Heartland and I can't stop watching it.

5) Again...pups. Granted, their presence usually is more annoying than helpful, but there is something comfortable about having puppies snuggling with you as you stitch.

And I'm caught up again! I'm really going to try hard to get it right next week.


Tiffstitch said...

Great list! I forgot all about my glasses, that is a must for me as well now.

Linda said...

Loved your lists Keiley. I hear you with the pups. I have some very annoying cats.


Kerryp77 said...

Great list. I need to watch season 7 of heartland.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Good list! Number 4 reminds me of a parent on one of the support groups who said her autistic son laughs at her when she tells him off. Other people said, like you have, that it's more of a nervous reaction, he's not being insolent like she thought.

Emma Louise said...

My other half has a tendency now to say "that's not funny" when I laugh at something he's said/done as he knows it makes me laugh even more!

Laura Landis said...

Great lists, Keebles! It was fun to get to know a little more about you. I didn't have TV on my stitching list but it's nearly always on when I stitch at home. I hope you're feeling better!

Heather said...

Great list! 28ct is my favorite too I've been bingeing galavant (you should totally watch it it's on Netflix) and just gone done with young and hungry. Now I'm listening to real ghost stories podcasts