Sunday, January 15, 2017

Weekly Stitching

One week I'm blazing through stitching, and the next week I barely had any time. But first, A better picture of Lilo and Stitch Otherwise:

Between work and other things, I barely managed a day's worth of stitching all week. I started on Sleepy Hollow Mural and didn't make it much further than a start...not even a fifth of a page.
It's my first time working with a q-snap and it would only fit in my worst lap stand. The stand is too short for me and I have to sit it up on my leg instead of the desired underneath. That puts it too high and I'm stretching in weird ways to reach the upper corners and it makes my arms sore, so I can't stitch for very long anyway. Until I can figure out a way to extend the leg of this monster, my stitching will be limited on it. Funny thing is, it's the most expensive stand I've ever bought. My cheapo lap stand works a thousand times better. But I'm so into Sleepy Hollow Mural right now, I'm not ready to stop, so I'm going to give it another week.

Besides, next week could possibly bring a very exciting "change" to our family and I've got some extra time off next week (if they leave me alone), so I'll have some extra stitching time. I don't want to jinx things right now, but there will hopefully be a good news post come Wednesday or Thursday!


Heather said...

Good luck with next week! Stitch looks gorgeous! I love the black frame with the blue mat.

Mii Stitch said...

Pretty little crosses & good luck now next week! I look forward to reading your post :)

Khristine Doiron said...

I am so excited your started the Sleepy Hollow Mural! It looks great! :) Can't wait to hear your good news! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you that everything goes smoothly this week for you :)

Linda said...

Your new start looks great Keiley. Looking forward to meeting your new family member.


Bea said...

Finding just the right stand is difficult, I still haven't got mine. I have a stand that is too short and I'm forever looking for something to put it on. It is a good start though, especially for not having much time. Looking forward to the good news.

Justine said...

Lilo and Stitch looks great! I didn't realise the mat was blue, it's stunning.
Good luck for your good news later this week!

Tiffstitch said...

Fingers crossed all goes well, and still a decent start!

Emma Louise said...

It's a good start :) Good luck with next week!