Friday, January 6, 2017

Stash Addict

I've got my cross stitch mojo back, but my stash buying bug still hasn't gone away. I've added even more to my Neni Designs collection (and there are way to many to show), but I've found a couple of new designers I'd thought I'd show off.

First up, I know I have already bought this pattern a couple of times from numerous other designers, but I've always found that I didn't particularly care for the level of detail in what I was getting. This is one of those pieces that requires a lot of detail, so I was so happy to find that Z Anna Cross Stitch finally did it in a size big enough to show the proper amount of detail!
Villains Stained Glass

I'm most excited by another designer I just found, Addict 2 Cross Stitch. I found this one first, purely by accident:
Misleading Men_00
I was hoping there was a female version too, which I found today (the dangers of snow days...light work days which means more time to play online):
Misleading Ladies_00
As I started perusing her other stuff, I found three non Disney-related projects that called out to me (although I swear I can see touches of Disney in any of these remind you of certain princesses?).
Skull Bride_00
Pomagranate Girl_00
Night Princess_00
All of these have an almost HAED-like quality to the patterns and I'm kind of excited to try one out (although I have NO IDEA when or if). I love the Neni Designs for their simplicity (and their Disneyness), but since the new year and my return to mainly HAED life, I do have to admit that I love the bigger, more detailed patterns and it's apparently starting to affect my stash buying.


Linda said...

I love your new stash Keiley. I also love your snow. I really like so many of the huge designs, but on 14ct aida they are just way way to big.


Miamina said...

They are very cool! My concern with ETSY is that a lot of the designs violate copyright, I feel much happier buying licensed designs. I'm sure you'll enjoy stitching them and I hope the quality is as you hope it to be!

Heather said...

Ooo great stash I love the villains ones!

Tiffstitch said...

Great new stash and glad you found a pattern you're happy with for detail. Thanks for the links as well, I think!

Khristine Doiron said...

Oh my you are an awful enabler!! :) I really don't mind. Hehe! I love the three girls/princesses at the end. I vote for the bottom one.

Kate N said...

OOh! Some lovely new designs :)

Bea said...

Great new stash, I especially love the Disney bad guys (gals)!