Sunday, May 8, 2016

TUSAL, stitching, and a bit of a brag

First up, as per usual, I'm late for this month's TUSAL post. Since it didn't manage to make it into the A to Z Challenge, how about a bit of my pirate-land?
The ORTS really grew this month because of Rainy Wedding's words. It's really hard not to waste a ton of variegated thread and waste I did.

Speaking of which, I finally got Rainy Wedding mounted. I went with the words at the bottom, although I part of me still thinks it might have worked better on top:
I'm pretty sure we'll go mat and black frame, but when will be a bigger question. I'd like to get it done before Jessica comes back from maternity leave in the next couple of weeks, but I'm just not sure.

On the stitching front, I didn't start back until Saturday and only stitched for about 20 minutes (more on that in a minute). Sunday was much better though, I managed a full day. I was going to work on Suteki, but I figured I'd better work on something I like if I wanted to get my stitching bug back, so I went with Night Wish instead. I left off on her here back in January (has it really been that long?):
and finished here tonight, FINALLY finishing the first page and a good chunk of the second:
I didn't realize that the light gray specks were stars until I was putting the finished page in the binder and I saw the original mock-up picture. Funny how you don't notice details sometimes, even as you are stitching them. I plan to continue on her for the rest of the week and then see where I feel like going next weekend. I'd like to get back into my rotation of projects, but I need to get my mojo back first and now I have yet another complication to distract me.

The reason why I barely got any work done on Saturday was because my Sister came over to discuss our future Disney plans and we managed to get our fall trip booked! I'M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!! It was pretty complicated because Am and her husband are going to fly down and he's only able to stay 4 days, but I'm driving and she and I are staying for a total of 8 days. Plus, since free dining is happening then, it's hard to book anything at that time of year.

We ended up having to book them in one resort, and me in another, but my long time wish to stay at the Beach Club Resort at Disney World is about to come true! They are in the Yacht Club, and after that 4th day, she will move to the Beach Club with me. This will be an amazing trip! I'm very curious to see if their Yacht Club experience will be better than mine was. It will also sway our individual resort counts...I won't have stayed anywhere she hasn't, and she will have stayed at two more than me...Boardwalk Inn and The Grand Floridian/Indian Burial Ground Resort (and it's not like I will EVER stay there anyway, too many bad ju-ju vibes).

We also already got our Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party tickets bought (since there is only one day of our trip where we all three can go), so I have to come up with a schedule around it and get our dining reservations booked ASAP, but that's a task for next week.

And now for the brag...when my Sister arrived, she had a gift with her:
I have wanted the Haunted Mansion Dooney since they came out, but the cost and the hard-to-get nature of them had made it impossible (at least for me). It's just so pretty! I can't stop looking at it and it smells like a new car! She also bought one for herself, so we have matching bags, but I'm totally cool with that. Thank goodness for the Shop Disney Parks App. She's been stalking it ever since we got back from Disney World in March, and she managed to get lucky one day. I have an AMAZING Sister!

I've also been binge watching The Avengers movies this weekend...I am determined to go to the movies this week and see Captain America: Civil War if it kills me. It will take a tremendous effort for me to go by myself, but I think that Cap is worth it (or at least I hope I do or I will never get out of the car). I guess it's pretty sad that the only side-effect of the loss of a 15-year friendship is the lack of a movie buddy. We Aspers are pretty cold-blooded creatures, that's for sure.


Heather said...

You can do it! That's exciting and I love the bag! Have fun!

sharine said...

Beautiful stitching and I am just a bit jealous of that awesome bag!

Tiffstitch said...

That's awesome!! Great new bag and another WDW trip to plan, fantastic! I love how you mounted Rainy Wedding and congrats on finishing a page on Night Wish.

Justine said...

What a fun weekend and hurray for your sister! Well done for completing the mounting of Rainy Wedding and your page finish on the gorgeous Night Wish.
I have been to the cinema and the theatre several times on my own. I do get a bit nervous but try to remember that everyone has gone to see the film/play, not me!

Linda said...

The wedding piece looks great Keiley. Wonderful progress as always. I love your new bag. Sure wish I was going to Disney with you


Bea said...

That bag is fantastic! Rainy wedding looks terrific - I'm a firm believer in the stitching should catch the eye first. And great progress on your stitching project. Hope you get to the movie!

Vickie said...

OMG!!!! I just had to wipe the drool off my mouth!!! I am still drooling over that bag!!!! So Jealous!!!!!!

Joysze said...

Love how you finished the wedding piece, Kelley! Dooney bag, YUMMMMMMMMMMM! Enjoy Capt 3. I've heard it's awesome.