Sunday, May 1, 2016

Normal stitching resumes...sort of

First up, some very important news...I got RAK'ed! Me...little ole me! I received this amazing piece of fabric in the mail just last week:
It's a pretty fantastic thing!

I did manage to finish the A to Z project a week early, so I started back on the wording for Rainy Wedding and managed to finish it not 30 minutes ago:
I altered the pattern considerably (yes, you read that right, I altered a pattern!). The bottom was supposed to be a mirror of the top, but it was so overpowering considering the lettering was so small, I needed a softer finish.

Now the big decision, do I put the wording at the top (imagine both projects mounted together with a mat covering the seam lines):
or the bottom:
The initial plan was for the bottom, but I'm beginning tho think it might look better at the top...what do you guys think?

On to other matters, I started a new hobby. I was watching one of my usual Flosstubers, and she mentioned Diamond Cross Stitch. I started looking around YouTube and had a lot of trouble finding details about it, but I found this one that describes the process pretty well:

I got my first one at the beginning of the week and managed to hold off until Wednesday, but after about five minutes, I was completely hooked! I managed to finish the first one by Thursday:
My second by midday Saturday:
And I started the biggest on Saturday although I forced myself not to touch it today:
There are different styles, round and square and they are as different as night and day! I've ordered several more kits, but they take a while to come in. When they do, they come with the beads (which thankfully match DMC colors):
They come with all the supplies you need:
The little trays are dump a bunch of beads in the tray, shake it, and they line up like soldiers!

Up close, you can tell the difference between square:
and round:
I need to back a regular cross stitch routine, but this is so enjoyable, it's all I'm thinking about right now. The fact that the big one is already short on beads has me a bit flustered though. And it's pretty uncomfortable being all hunched over at the kitchen table, at least with stitching I can sit comfortably in my recliner.


Linda said...

Your new projects are beautiful Keiley, but not for me. I could never handle those little beads. The wording on Rainy Wedding turned out great. I think it looks better on the bottom.


PS When do you plan on starting the Disneyland Map? I want to start mine soon.

Jan said...

For Rainy Wedding - I think the lettering looks best on the bottom of the picture too. I've heard of diamond/bead painting, I have no interest in it, that and I'd worry about what happens to the beads when the glue dries out and the beads fall off. Congrats on getting RAK'ed. That blue sure looks yummy.

Heather said...

Nice diamond painting and yay RAK! That fabric is gorgeous! I like the wording better on the bottom. I love the rainbow colors you chose too they match perfectly. Diamond painting is fascinating to me for some reason but don't know if I'd actually do it. I'm excited to see your other ones when they come!

Justine said...

Another vote for the bottom! Your new fabric is lovely. Do you know who gifted it to you?
Never heard of Diamond painting but I don't need another hobby!

Emma Louise said...

I quite like the wording on the top :) Either way I'm sure the recipient's will love it.

Roslyn Core said...

The beading projects look really cool. I think the wording looks better on top of the Rainy Wedding picture :)

Bea said...

Another vote for the bottom! The beading projects are very pretty, but not for me. Enjoy yourself!

Bea said...

And I forgot to mention how gorgeous that fabric is. What a special surprise.

Mii Stitch said...

Beautiful fabric RAK! I wonder who has kindly dropped this through your letterbox?!
Rainy Wedding is simply stunning.
I personally would love it best with anything else but understand the need to personalise it for the gift and would think at the bottom would look great :)

Tiffstitch said...

I vote for the bottom as well, and great fabric! Also, wow, 2 kits finished already and a good start on the 3rd? Very impressive. Do you have a favourite bead, the round or square as far as look or coverage?

Nilanjana Bose said...

The rainy wedding is simply beautiful! My vote is for the bottom.

Tama said...

I think I like the wording on the top but either way looks lovely :D
Yay for your bead kits! They look awesome! I've got my first one in - fairly big with square beads. I wish I'd gotten a little one to practice with first because my lines are a little crooked but I'm getting better :D
How many more did you order? I've ordered one smaller one with square beads and one with rhinestones.

Vickie said...

congrats on the finish!!!! I think it should go on the bottom! Love the RAK piece!! Congrats!