Saturday, March 26, 2016

March WIPocalypse 2016

This month's question is: "Do you use hoops, stretcher bars, lap stands or Q snap frames and why? (viaCathieJ)"
I personally use scroll frames mounted on lap stands and have as long as I can remember. The stand frees up the project and I can easily stitch two-handed (which makes it go twice as fast). I have a floor stand too, but I tend to hunch over too much and it hurts my back. Upon occasion I will use hoops for smaller projects, but I have to stitch one-handed and it slows me down. I will often unknowingly grip the hoop so tightly with my right (I'm a dominant leftie so that hand gets to do all the stitching), my right hand cramps closed around the hoop and I literally have to pry it off. I've never tried stretcher bars (the logic escapes me), but I have a Q-snap frame (still in the package) for me to use on a supersized HAED. I've never tried to stitch without some sort of support. One of these days, I'm going to invest in a proper set of scroll frames and stands, but definitely not with my current budgetary restrictions. My smorgasbord of sets will have to do me for a while!

On to the stitching...because of vacation (the prep time, the actual vacation, and the recover time), my stitching progress this month is very minimal, but I do have something to show. I left off Cinderella Castle here:
And last week I finished it for a total of 53.38 hrs:
Now that both castles are finished, I'm going to get them framed together:
The only other project that got a bit of love since last month's post was Suteki. I'm a hair further now, but I can show what I posted on last month's A New Stitchy Start Blog. I left off here:
And made it to here:
Obviously, I have to save the new stuff on her for the end of the month and the other blog, but it's really not enough to make that much of a difference.

I'd like to say that next month will be better, but it won't because of the April A to Z Challenge. May should be back to stitch-normal (hopefully).


Emma Louise Brown said...

Lovely! Can't wait to see what frames you choose :)

Jan Jones said...

Love the progress on Suteki. I've become a HAED collector myself and plan to start "A stitch in Time" next year. Do you find it difficult to use certain types of frames because of being left handed? I was reluctant to use q-snaps until my last new project and was very surprised at how drum tight the fabric was; that tightness will certainly come in handy when we both start are new HAED projects.

Heather said...

That's a really big hair of progress lol congrats on the finish!

Angela S said...

Congrats on your finish! The castles look great. Wonderful progress on Suteki as well. :)

Beth Pearce said...

I am new to your blog and am totally impressed at the amount of beautiful stitching and totally confused because it sounded like you thought that it wasn't much. WOW

Linda said...

Congrats on the awesome castle finish Keiley. They both look great. I have one of them that I bought at Disneyland many many years ago. I wish I could get as much stitching done as you do.


ANGIE said...

You have wonderful projects again! So nice! Happy stitching!

Justine said...

Your castles look great! I bet it feels good to have them finished. It looks as if there was a LOT of backstitch.
Suteki looks amazing but when I see her I can only think of your comment that it looks like multi-coloured sick!

Bea said...

The castles look great and will make a lovely set.

And that is noticeable progress on Suteki. Hang in there.

Vickie said...

I am in LOVE!!!!!!!! Those look amazing!!!!!!

Rose Barrow said...

Wonderful progress on all of your work. This is my first time to your blog so please excuse the question, but where are the castle patterns from they are really awesome!!!!!!