Sunday, February 28, 2016

Weekly Stitching

This was a totally pitiful stitching week. I've got vacation coming up and my mind is on little else, so between it and work, my poor Cinderella Castle didn't stand a chance despite my best intentions of finishing it last week. I left off here last week:
I got all the body stitching done and started on the backstitching, but after about four hours in one little location, I was done for the week.
I questioned every single color on Sleeping Beauty Castle, especially in the backstitching area, but since there was a more definitive color variation on Cinderella Castle, I haven't been too worried (although, like Sleeping Beauty Castle, the colors are WAY off from the actual castles...that's what I get for doing a kit that is about 20 years old). The closer I got to finishing though, I started to question certain things. I decided to stitch the gold and silver with one thread instead of two so it didn't look clumpy like it did on Sleeping Beauty's (but now I find myself wanting to go back to it and fix it too so that they match), but the more I thought about the black thread designated for the backstitching on Cindy's, the more I started panicking a bit. I ended up pulling out a dark gray for the castle walls and a darker baby blue for the turret tops. The darker blue didn't make that much of a difference, but I'm glad I changed out the black...I think it would have been too harsh. I'm thinking I made the right decision, but I rarely ever change things from the original design, it makes me VERY nervous!

But alas, there won't be much stitching in the next few weeks and I doubt I'll even have status reports for a while until vacation is done. I am WAY past due for an excellent Disney World trip, so I need to put more effort into this one. I've got packing to do, camera equipment to prepare, and about a million more things to do before my trip, all the while dealing with utter hell at work. Fun times ahead, but hey, I can't complain too much because...I'M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD WITH MY SISSY!

I'm going to have a ton of new stuff to report when we get back...we'll be staying at a resort we've never stayed in before, eating at four new restaurants, and going to the Flower and Garden Festival which I've always wanted to see, but never have. It will be a trip of firsts, that's for sure!


Heather said...

You'll have fun the flower and garden festival is cool. I haven't made much progress either and I think you have me beat for sure! It looks great so far I don't envy you the back stitching even though it really makes it pop

Linda said...

Wonderful progress Keiley. Your Disney trip sounds awesome.


sharine said...

Your stitching looks great. Hope you have a blast on your trip:)

Bea said...

I like the sound of your changes and you DID make progress, so that's all good. And if you don't get in much stitching time in the next few weeks, it's not going anywhere. Enjoy your planning.

Your holiday should be fabulous - looking forward to your pictures.

Mii Stitch said...

Wow, amazing progress!!! It looks awesome too :)
Have a great time away.

Tiffstitch said...

Great work on the castle! I think changing to grey was a good choice vs. black. That would have been very stark. Disney! Disney!

Justine said...

Just enjoy the planning for your trip- your stitching will be there when you get back! Great progress even if it doesn't feel like it.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Your castle looks great. I'm always changing stuff. Quite often designers don't stitch their own models so they don't actually see how the colours look on the fabric. I can and its going on my walls or in my name as a gift so I want it looking right!

Enjoy planning your trip, it's half the fun!