Sunday, February 21, 2016

Weekly Stitching

If there is one thing I've learned about my work environment it's that there are those that bully and those who get bullied. When one bully starts up, it stirs up the others into a feeding frenzy. Last week was one of the worst in my 20 years of being employed there. Although I wasn't the main target of the biggest explosion, I got caught up by the mongrels looking for leftover morsels. Apparently, some people have more free time than work.

I'm one of the bullied, but I've always been OK with that because I I don't feel emotions like a normal person, so thanks to my Asperness, they are wasting their time...usually. But even I have weaknesses and there are those in the bully brigade who know some of them. Last week, they managed to hit the worst of my exposed nerves.

I'm not a bully myself because it takes more social effort that I'm willing to put takes planning, conniving, a desire to make oneself more important, and an evil spirit that enjoys hurting people. These are traits that I just don't possess even on my worst of days.

The details of the week are irrelevant and not worth rehashing, but it did affect my stitching something fierce. I managed to make up for it a little this weekend, but only because I ended up with a headache that refocused my attention. I still stitched through the pain, but my progress still suffered.

I did manage to finish the row of Snow White. I left off here with just a touch of background left:
And, although I should have finished it Monday night, it took me until Tuesday to get through it:
As an effort to try to get my mind off the brewing storm, I decided to move on to Cinderella Castle. I haven't touched it since July last year:
But by Friday night, I had only gotten this far and all I could see was the monster face in the middle:
After the horrible week, I wasn't ready to give up on it yet and go back to my usually weekend rotation of Suteki, so I stuck with Cinderella Castle. Besides, I'm not sure my head could have struggled through Suteki anyway. I did get through the grunt part of the bottom half:
And got a few into the top half:
I was hoping that working on the castle would take my mind off of the evils of the week and focus it where it should be, on my upcoming Disney trip, but it didn't. All I can think is how much I'm dreading going back to work tomorrow.

I've decided to spend next week continuing on with Cinderella Castle, but I'm not holding out hope that my current mood will change, so I doubt I'll finish it by next weekend. Once the main stitching is done, there is a ton of backstitching that could take almost as much time as the stitching and I'm not sure I'll be able to finish by Disney World time anyway, but that's the goal.

As for work, I have absolutely no clue how I'm going to handle things. I'm going to try and stay in my little purple office, surrounded by some of my favorite things, ignoring the gloating of the bullies on their victories of last week, but you know what they say about good intentions. It will be a very "serious" filled week, that's for sure!


Bea said...

What a toxic environment your work place sounds like, at least at the moment. I think your "lay low" plan is an excellent idea.

Congratulations on what did get stitched - it's always a plus when you see any kind of progress.

Heather said...

That sounds awful. I hope they leave you alone, and whoever else they were bullying. I'm surprised that can happen in a workplace. Your stitching looks great though I hope your headache went away. I had a pretty bad one earlier but it went away with some Advil. I think I got it because I'm moving further to the right on my piece and I was sitting too far left on the couch.

Linda said...

I'm sorry Keiley. Maybe someday they will get whats coming to them. High strong as I know you will and just think about the upcoming Disney trip. I sure wish I could go with you. I'd have my own personal guide. lol
Your stitching is amazing as always. I love the castle. Where did you get the chart.


Justine said...

What horrible people! I agree that your plan to stay out of the way sounds an excellent one.
Your stitching looks great as always even if it has suffered this week. I think Snow in particular looks amazing.

Els Moerman said...

I am sooooo sorry to hear that :-( why are people wasting their time to focusing on other ones live instead of looking at their own. such people will NEVER be happy and content with one selves. Keep up the good spirit and do not let those bullies get to you.

Sasha said...

*hugs* Keep your head held high and just stay out of their way. We, your fellow stitchers and bloggers, love and appreciate you as you are.
I know it's easier said than done, but try not to let them get to you. We are here for you if you ever need to vent more!

Cross Stitch Claire said...

Great progress on the castle, it looks fab! I hope work gets easier for you, your colleagues sound dreadful x

Jan Jones said...

I worked in the same type of toxic environment for 6 years. But it was just one person making everyone's life hell. She was untouchable in the company and when I got laid off It was a relief not to have to quit the place and move on without references.

Tiffstitch said...

I'm sorry you've had another crappy week at work. I hate that some people try and make themselves feel better by making everyone else feel worse. Glad you were able to get the row done on Snow and fantastic progress on the Castle. Can I say how much I love your needle minder on Snow!!!