Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Christmas!

OK, so I'm not a Christmas person by nature, but certain things do make me wax nostalgic about Christmas past, especially in the musical realm. I'm not a Christmas music fan by nature, especially when popular radio wants to play it 24/7 for an entire month and there are what, like six different Christmas songs recorded 1000 times? It gets old very fast, but there are some notable exceptions, so my Christmas gift to you is those exceptions:

(Does anyone else find it interesting that this video stilled on Simon LeBon's face?)

If you are a South Park fan and don't have this Christmas album, YOU MUST GET IT, if for no other reason than The Most Offensive Christmas Song Ever (that's the actual song name FYI). Sorry about the quality of the next one, but I really do love this version of the song:

Hope everyone has a Happy Christmas!!!


Heather said...

Lol I had a feeling South Park would be on here. Good list :)

Bea said...

Interesting list - a couple that were new to me.