Thursday, October 1, 2015

The darkest of days

It's world is ending. Just when I think life can't kick me any harder, it stomps me flat out. Sure, there's the whole brain tumor thing and the whole vision problem, then, of course, I've got the whole Asperger's/OCD/Social Anxiety Disorder mess I deal with on a daily basis, so I'm already underdogged out, but I deal with all that OK (or avoid it really good, depending on your point of view). But come on, seriously, what cardinal sin did I commit in the womb to be punished so?!?!?

For those that have no clue what I am talking about, I have one guilty Disney pleasure (that's a lie, I have dozens, but still, let's focus on the matter at hand), and that's my beloved Taco Salad at Pecos Bill's Tall Tale Inn and Cafe at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. I have at least one every single trip, sometimes more than one, sometimes quite a few, but alas, I will never have one again because they changed their menu and it's not on it! It, in all honesty, wasn't a culinary masterpiece, it was rather plain actually, but it was MINE!

I made it my own, adding cheese till it was overfilled, then tomatoes, then salsa, then more cheese and tomatoes and salsa and then a touch more salsa followed by another dash of salsa. Sometimes I changed up the order of the ingredients, but never varied (except for that one time I tried it with the liquid plastic cheese, but I never did that again).

So, in memorial of my absolute all-time favorite Disney food item, a photo retrospective. I don't have photos from every single time I ate one. I really didn't start taking food photos until 2005 and would sometimes forget, so the first "real" shot I have starts in '08.
'09 #1
'09 #2
'10 #1
'10 #2
'10 #3
'12 #1
'12 #2
Oct '13
2013 (10)-1335
Dec '13 #1
2013 (12)-0462
Dec '13 #2
2013 (12)-3504
'14 #1
'14 #2
'14 #3

I'm sure I ate way more than those, but that's all the pictures I have. It makes me want one even now. They were really nothing special, probably the same as your local Taco Bell, I think it was just the combination of the fixin's bar, the atmosphere of not only being in Disney World or even my favorite park, but in a restaurant based off of my favorite Disney short cartoon. The new menu looks really good and I'm sure I will still eat there, but the thought of never ever having a taco salad again crushes me to my very soul.

I still hold out hope that there will be a fan backlash and they will bring it back, but since I am the only mega-fan I know of, I doubt it. Most people thought they were disgusting and ordinary. My Sister did eat them, but she didn't love them (obviously the pictures with two of them in the same shot meant that one of them was hers...I never ordered two at the same time, although I've considered it more than once).

I tend to form attachments to things though, even the most mundane of things, and this was a really big one for me. I don't say this very often, but Disney, you've let me down BIG TIME! I think I'll go to the store and get taco salad fixin's for supper.


Heather said...

Bummer! Those were pretty good. Try either going to guest services next time you're there or emailing them. I have the same attachment to the steak gumbo at Disneyland. In fact last time I waited through a fire alarm for them to come back so I could get it while my hubby and dmil went somewhere else lol. I know it's not the same thing but try the Rancho del Zocalo restaurant when you're here. They have a tostada salad which is similar.

Linda said...

I hear you Keiley. For 40 years I went to the Mexican restaurant in Disneyland for lunch and dinner if I could get away with it. I always had the enchilada combo with ground beef. Last time I was there in 2001, went straight there told them what I wanted AND the lady told me that she had worked their for years and they never had ground beef enchiladas. It still upsets me to think about it.


Kate N said...

I'm going to wear black today in memory of them :(
I hate it when something like that happens.

Justine said...

Boo! That sounds awful. Well the food doesn't sound awful but taking them off the menu does.

Vickie said...

I hate it when Disney does this!!!!! I feel you pain!!!!