Friday, September 18, 2015

Duran Duran - #6 Danceophobia

It's Duran Duran's Paper Gods review time again. There is always at least one song on every album I don't like and Danceophobia is Paper God's. This is one that started with "what the hell?" and is still at "what the hell?" with a bit of, "do I have to?" mixed in. Granted, I was probably predisposed to hate it because of the weird, interrupting speech by Lindsey Lohan very similar to the mess that is Grace Jones' interlude on Election Day, an Arcadia song (but at least Election Day was an amazing song) or Nick's vocals on Medazzaland (not such a great song). Danceophobia is just weird on all kinds of other levels though, but judge for yourself:

No need to make this review long, but this song will probably end up being the favorite of everyone's on the album...that's the way it usually goes for me and my views versus the rest of the world, but I honestly can't imagine anyone liking this song.

And, of course, as a frame of reference, here is Arcadia's Election Day. Musically, it's miles above Danceophobia, but it shows Duran's predilection for weird guest speeches (and I'm linking the long version so you can hear the whole unedited speech). But seriously, tell me that's not just dark Duran, and besides, this incarnation of Simon's looks is the one that gets my blood boiling the highest, so why not show it, if for no other reason than I want to see him?

that is SO me...I'm moody and grey, I'm mean and I'm restless.

And, god help me, might as well do Medazzaland too, but this one is just weird all the way's inspired by a dentist visit Simon had where they used the drug Midazolam on him (you know, the one they sometimes use in prisoner executions). Nick, I love you, but please NEVER do this again!:

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Tiffstitch said...

Agreed, it's a weird one.