Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Disney Movies - Day 87

I decided I just couldn't take the remaining live actions I have left (at least not yet), so I started last night with my Sonny With A Chance: Sonny's Big Break Vol 1 disc. One thing you should probably know about the Disney Channel shows...they don't typically release them in their full seasons on disc. This really sucks because I do tend to watch and rewatch TV shows if I have the entire season on disc. Instead, you get a compilation video collection, much like the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse discs, of four or five random episodes. That's what this disc is. But, when it comes to Sonny With A Chance, I don't really care. It was one of my favorite Disney Channel shows ever and I hated that it ended, so I'll take what I can get! One of these days, I'm going to get them all from iTunes (which you can still do, or you can watch a lot of them on YouTube, but most of them are copyright infringers, so the videos don't stay up long), I just can't justify the added expense right now so close to vacation time. There were five episodes on this disc and I almost wanted to watch it again, but I needed to get to my other favorite Disney Channel show. I debated on posting a fan video of later down the season line when Sonny and Chad became "Channy", but I figured, since this one only covered season 1, I'd better stick to that:

There was also a short on this disc for the "season finale" of Mackenzie Falls and it is hilarious! But before I post the video, I need to give those that don't know a brief (if I can) description of the show premise so this will make more sense. You have two groups of kids who each have a show, one a comedy sketch show called So Random (which is where Sonny works) and a teen soap opera-type, way over-acted drama show called Mackenzie Falls (where Chad works). Both of these camps hate each other and it further complicates things when Sonny and Chad start dating. Most of the action takes place off camera and the relationships between the characters, but they do show pieces of whatever episode either side is working on that week. This clip is a piece of Mackenzie Falls.

Granted, I really loved Jonas, but the second season, which gained the moniker Jonas L.A. was SOOO much better! Those are also both on my iTunes wishlist, but of the two discs I have, both only cover the first season. I only had time to make it through one of the two discs I own, this one called Jonas: Rockin' The House Vol 1. I also don't understand why they always give these a "vol 1" title when they never release a second one, but still (the second Jonas disc I have has a completely different title). This one actually had seven episodes of the first season of Jonas, and I forgot how much I really loved this show! By the time I finished this one, I really had to control myself from going on iTunes and splurging. This one is a harder show to find a clip of, it's either full episodes, or the coupling videos which don't really start getting serious until season 2, so I guess I'll leave off a video for this series.

I have another Jonas show DVD, but again, it just covers the first season and not Jonas L.A.

Oh, and to add to my weirdness, of course I have the soundtracks to both of these shows as well. I still think that the Jonas L.A. album was one of the best that the Jonas Brothers ever did!

Live Action: 102
Full-Length Animation: 117
Mixed-Medium: 11
Animated Shorts: 432
Live Action Shorts: 2
Mixed-Medium Shorts: 3
Animated Series: 118
Live Action Series: 12
Mixed-Medium Series: 2
Documentaries: 14
Concerts: 1

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