Monday, July 27, 2015

Disney Movies - Days 62 & 63

Gonna have to split the weekend up because I did have a full weekend at home for the first time in weeks, so I got a lot accomplished Saturday and Sunday. Friday, I only managed to make it through one movie because I was at my Sister's house most of the night going through her closet clean out rejects. Ever since I lost a ton of weight and got rid of all my fat clothes, my closet has been pretty skimpy. She did give me clothes when I was at my lowest weight, but that stage didn't last long so I've pretty much been living with two pairs of jeans and about 10 T-shirts. But now I have a completely full closet again (although they are all too nice and I'm scared to wear any of them!).

I grabbed the first movie at the top of the stack sitting in front of my TV for Friday night and it was Hannah Montana: The Movie. There was a time, pre-pastie Miley, when I actually really liked to watch Hannah Montana. It was cute and funny and she seemed so wholesome and innocent. Oh well, the Disney Channel kid curse strikes again! This is still a pretty cute movie though and reminds me of a happier Disney Channel time.

Saturday brought on the final DCOM series, High School Musical. I've been putting this off for a Asper-ness means that I have a tendency to go gaga-freaky obsessive over stupid stuff sometimes. I can't sleep, eat, or focus on anything when I get in that state and I all want to do do is watch over and over again. Once I can eventually break myself from them though, it's always best for me to stay away because the least little thing can send me careening off that cliff again. High School Musical was one of those times and I literally have not watched any of it in years. I did stitch the entire time, and I think it helped, but I did find myself wanting to watch them again Sunday (but thankfully, I held off).

Starting with the first one (of course), High School Musical. There are things about this one that bother me more than the others, the major one being the fact that Zac Efron didn't do his own singing, Drew Seeley did. Those that are familiar with DCOM-land know who Drew Seeley is...he's an amazing singer, dancer and, I think, much better looking than Zac, so I'm not sure why he wasn't cast in the movie in the first place. The chemistry with Vanessa Hudgens argument doesn't work because he did the High School Musical: The Concert tour with them (I watched that too, but more on it later) and the sparks were flying, although not in that creepy, drawn to each other way like Zac and Vanessa...he literally gets closer and closer to her in every single scene they do together and I can see why they burned out on the personal front (although I sometimes wonder if his personal problems didn't have something to do with it). But anyway, what an amazing person Drew must be to have sung for someone else and let them have all the glory for it.

I'm not going to pick out a favorite song from any of would be like picking a favorite child (although my mother has never had any trouble in that area), so at least you won't be exposed to endless HSM music videos!

High School Musical 2 was the next one. If you think that Zac and Vanessa's attraction to each other was bad in the first one, that's nothing compared to the second one! Granted, he is WAY worse than her, but speaking of obsessions, it's so obvious that is probably what happened between those two personally. At least he was allowed to sing on his own during this one (and his voice isn't that bad, so I'm not sure what all the fuss was about in movie's not like the rest of the cast have amazing voices, well, except for Lucas Grabeel). There is also that "pull your pants up because they are riding below your butt cheeks and your underwear is showing" theme throughout this one. That drives me INSANE! No one ever wants to see someone's underwear and it's called "underwear" for a reason (geez, I sounded old then, right?).

High School Musical 3: Senior Year comes next and this is probably my favorite of them all (even if they do that weird in story one minute and in musical the next). I bawl like a baby at the ending of this every single time, especially at the very end when the leads all come out and give "those looks" to the camera, one by one, as if saying goodbye to the world. It's the high school experience I never had and can't even imagine having, but a huge part of me wanted it desperately.

Of course, it technically doesn't end there...Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure was another sequel and, although it doesn't follow the HSM format, it's still actually surprisingly very good. It is kind of weird that Austin Butler, Vanessa Hudgens now boyfriend plays Ashley's love interest, but they had as much chemistry as a brother and sister, so that eases the weirdness (although it does nothing for the romance aspect of things). The fact that Lucas Grabeel was left out of this one kind of irks me too (especially since his character went to school at Julliard and is right there where Sharpay ends up).

I ended the Disney part of the night with High School Musical: The Concert. Sure, they are all obviously partly lip-syncing and partly getting as auto-tuned as a person can get, but it's still a good show, even without Zac (and, like I said, I prefer Drew anyway). A lot of the cast that had albums out did one of their own songs, well except for Drew and...honest moment here...I do actually own those albums too and like most of it. I do prefer Ashley's singing to Vanessa's (Ashley is kind of the queen of F-U songs, and I LOVE those, so that's what gives her the advantage). Again, I still prefer Drew's solo stuff.

It's not a Disney movie, but because I was craving Drew, I did watch Another Cinderella Story (with Selena Gomez). He is just SOOO adorbs! That, as usual, led to watching I Kissed A Vampire, which is this horribly cheesy, but totally cute musical with Lucas and Drew. I started out as a web series on iTunes (which you can still download for free I think), but they ended up making an entire movie out of it.

Live Action: 67
Full-Length Animation: 87
Mixed-Medium: 8
Animated Shorts: 280
Live Action Shorts: 1
Mixed-Medium Shorts: 3
Animated Series: 77
Mixed-Medium Series: 2
Documentaries: 8
Concerts: 1


Heather said...

I think I only watched hsm and sharpeis adventure but I never really got into the hsm franchise. My littlest cousin did though quite a bit.

Kate said...

Congrats on all the new clothes! That's exciting. Ah, yes, Miley in her better days. That is a sweet movie. Never got into the High School Musical thing, although I have seen number one and number three. Cute movies. I know Ashley better through her work on Phineas and Ferb.

Tiffany Pincombe said...

Excellent to have some new clothes! And great reviews too. I had the same feeling about Hannah Montana way back when.